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Yahoo! Search Marketing UK (now known as Microsoft adCenter UK) is the most admired pay-per-click search provider in the United Kingdom. You can reach your customer when they are actively looking for products and services offered by you online. Advertise on Yahoo! for FREE with Yahoo! Search Marketing UK Coupon, you can reach more users online than ever before with Yahoo! – Microsoft Search Alliance. The advertisers only need to write quality ads for their website related products and do a well keyword research. The ads generated by you would be available for display on Yahoo search result. So when somebody make a search for your website keywords, your ads may appear on the sponsored link during search result. Yahoo! search engine marketing is the best way of getting your business prominently placed in search results!

The foremost impressive feature of Yahoo Search Marketing UK is you are advertising to the people that are already interested and looking for your product. Yahoo! Search Marketing UK further guarantees prominent positions on the results pages of the most widely used Internet Search Engines such as Yahoo, so products and services could appear in front of customers specifically searching for what websites sell. Yahoo! Search Marketing UK puts your company top of the results. You only pay when a customer clicks on your advertisement – giving you great ROI.

Yahoo Search Marketing drives more than 83% of Internet users in Europe (Nielsen//NetRatings – July to September 06). In fact many of them are potential customers searching for company’s products and services online. Yahoo’s extensive reach is made possible through their sharing network of search engines and portals such as Yahoo, Orange and Lycos.

How Does Yahoo Search Marketing UK Program Works?

The success of Yahoo’s Search Marketing UK program is purely built upon the success of the advertisers. So it does everything that is required to get more out of your ads and impress qualified prospects in the most cost-effective way. You get 24/7 accesses to detailed performance reports, which assist you track the effectiveness of your advertisement campaigns. Working of Yahoo Search Marketing UK program is very simple and well in trend. Your prospect customers can simply click on your ads to make a purchase from your site. Below given are the simple steps explaining you how Yahoo Search Marketing UK works.

How To Advertise On Yahoo For Free

Let me divide that for you in steps:

First Step

Start with £30 Credit in your Yahoo! Search Marketing UK (adCenter UK) account

Second Step

Make an ad campaign to appear in Yahoo Search Results, you can even choose for multiple campaigns:

  • Yahoo! helps you to select relevant keywords for your online business – products or services.

  • You simply need to make catchy phrases and effective text ad recognized as description to encourage business in search result.

You set the maximum bid amount to pay each time the ad gets clicked.

Third Step

Interested Customer coming in search of what you sell.

  • When site visitor types one of your site related keywords in Yahoo Search box, your ad appears in yahoo search result.

  • Here you need to work smart. Cost-per-click and excellent quality ads would help your ad to appear more on the displayed search results.


Once your appears customer clicks and your website.

  • You receive leads for your business.

  • You get more traffic to your site.

  • Your bid amount is calculated only for the number of clicks on search result and you pay zero for the impression.

  • The amount you pay out is based on the maximum cost-per-click you precise.

With the most admired Panama platform, Yahoo’s Keywords review becomes easy than ever before. Your preferred keywords get automatically approved and you can see them live in couple of minutes. Take advantage of Yahoo! Search Marketing UK and just create multiple ads campaigns for higher conversion ratio!

How Does Bidding System Of Yahoo Search Marketing UK Works?

You can earn more revenue from your website and simultaneously offer the site visitor for an amazing online experience. With Yahoo Search Marketing UK you can make money online with minimal effort and best bidding system. It is very easy to play around with this program. You will come across two way of bidding in Yahoo Search Marketing UK – One if you want your ads to be appeared on top of the search result then it is good to go with Bid Range for Top Positions. In case you want to predict how many clicks you may get for some particular bid, then go with the Estimated Clicks per Bid sliding graph, which assist you for bidding. Note – Bid Range for Top Position gets data, which are recent and Estimated Clicks per Bid sliding graphs carries historical data. Be aware that both the system uses only predicted value and do guarantee you number of clicks. Actually, bid amount and ad quality is what would decide upon your ad’s ranking in search results, so it would be the most excellent ides to use more quality content while creating ads. Yahoo Search Marketing UK wants you to spend low on bid and point more on excellence of ad.

Tips for Yahoo! Search Marketing UK Bidding

  • Make sure your ads are well compatible and much appealing, so you get a better rank even after lower bid amount on ads.

  • No concerns about the ads, which are less competitive, focus only on your relevant ads.

  • You require focusing on your efforts that matter to your business, and do go for the most excellent and catchy marketing messages.

  • Your quality of Yahoo Search Marketing UK is calculated by how apt an ad is and determined in comparison with other competitors ads quality displayed.

Sign Up for Microsoft adCenter and get £30 FREE Credits!

Yahoo! Search Marketing UK Promo Code

Yahoo! Search Marketing UK Credit Details: Offer expires 8:00 A.M. GMT July 1, 2012 and applies to new Microsoft adCenter UK advertisers only. Any portion of Yahoo! Search Marketing credit not used within 90 days from the date you signed up will expire. Ads must be stopped after ad credit is used up or within 90 days from date account was opened, whichever comes first, or your credit card will be charged for advertising clicks. Offer valid only to residents of UK. Limit: one ad credit per customer. Offer may not be combined with any other offers or discounts, separated, redeemed for cash, transferred, sold, or bartered. There is a minimum bid requirement of $0.05 per click through when using adCenter. Search listings subject to editorial review and guidelines. See Advertiser Terms and Conditions when you sign-up. Other terms and conditions may apply.

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    Hi Ashok,

    Sorry for the delay I was out of the town. Yeah, you can use the coupons to advertise in US Search Market using a Billing address from India (No need for US Address.) Regarding your PayPal question I never Signed Up using PayPal. Please check their FAQ or ask their sales team. You can stop the auto payouts by going to PayPal > Profile > Pay List and cancel the auto payment there. As we can use the same credit card to open multiple accounts the same must hold true for PayPal also.


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    Hello Mahesh Mohan,

    I am Mahesh from Kerala. Am using yahoo, its good. But as evryone know Google Adwords is unbeatable. But after March 5 no new accounts from india with a promo code is working. Can you find a soulution for it?

    Thanks in advance

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    yahoo best add url linked tools from

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    This coupon didn’t work for me but I’m finding Bing (Mircosoft Adcenter) is producing better and better results. Bids are quite cheap and the traffic seems much higher quality.