WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: WordPress Pros and Cons

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

WordPress.com or WordPress.org? Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

What is WordPress? WordPress is the Big Daddy of Blogosphere. It is the most popular Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. WordPress is an open source and free blogging software which can be used to create beautiful websites or blogs. It’s not just a blog, it’s much more!

WordPress has two flavors: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. (that is the self-hosted version of WordPress). WordPress.com is a version of WordPress.org itself that is hosted by Automattic. WordPress.org is the self-hosted version of WordPress. It means you install the WordPress software on your website and you own and mange it.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org



What’s nice about WordPress.com is that it’s 100% free and is very easy to use. You get a you.wordpress.com address and 3 GB web hosting space for free. The setup takes just few minutes and your blog is ready to go. If you have your own domain name then you can spend an extra $12/year for Domain Mapping.



WordPress.org is the self-hosted version of WordPress. What does that mean, huh? It means you install the WordPress software on your own server and manage it. So you need to sign up for a domain name and web hosting plan. Most web hosting companies offer one-click installation of WordPress. And you can still setup your blog in just few minutes.

Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress? WordPress.com? WordPress.org? It’s really confusing for newbies. So let me clear it up right now. WordPress is an open source blogging software. Anyone can download the software from WordPress.org. WordPress.com as I have mentioned earlier is a hosted version of WordPress.org itself that is hosted by Automattic and they maintain your blog.

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WordPress Pros and Cons

WordPress.com Pros and Cons

WordPress.com is great for newbies who want to start their own personal blog. There is no need to download any software or plugin or themes. When you sign up for WordPress.com you get free web hosting, automatic backups, automatic upgrades, access to support forums, real-time traffic stats, comment tracking, blog and post rankings and more.


  • It’s very easy to setup.
  • You don’t have to worry about maintenance, updates, spam, security, backups etc.
  • It’s 100% Free.
  • Automatic backups. No need to take regular database backup by yourself.
  • Reliable service since it’s hosted by WordPress.com itself.


  • Though there are tons of themes and plugins available for WordPress. You can use only limited ones with WordPress.com.
  • You cannot upload a custom theme or plugin.
  • You can’t modify the PHP files
  • Can’t display ads – Google AdSense, Amazon, Banners or any other ad network.
  • Can’t modify template files or CSS.
  • No FTP Support.
  • Can’t add any scripts.
  • You don’t own the blog.
  • WordPress show ads on your blog.

WordPress.org Pros and Cons

If you’re a professional and is serious about blogging then you should go for self-hosted WordPress.org. I don’t recommend the paid version of WordPress offered by WordPress.com. Since it offers only limited features and is expensive when compared with other web hosting companies. So it’s better to sign up for a web hosting plan by a leading web hosting company.


  • Tons of themes and plugins to choose from.
  • You can upload any custom theme or plugin.
  • Supports premium themes which can be customized the way you want.
  • Can modify any file as you own the website.
  • Complete control over the blog.
  • Can add any scripts.
  • Can run ads – Google AdSense, Affiliate Banners or any other ads.
  • It’s very Search Engine friendly – You can set your own custom meta tags.
  • You own the blog.
  • Supports FTP.


  • You have to pay for a domain name and web hosting plan and must renew it every year.
  • You have to take regular backups of the databases.
  • You have to take care of the spams.
  • You have to maintain your blog and must update WordPress software, Themes, Plugins manually when there is an update available.
  • Have to be a little tech savvy to mange the blog successfully.

WordPress.com versus WordPress.org

WordPress.com versus WordPress.org [Blue vs Black]

Numbers9.2 million active blogs9.7 active installations
ThemesLimited Theme SupportFull Theme Support
CustomizationCan modify any fileCan’t modify theme files
PluginsAll Plugins are allowedLimited Plugins
Can You Show Ads?NoYes
Site MaintenanceNo Maintenance RequiredYou have to maintain your blog by updating themes, plugins and WordPress.
Branding?Not For BrandsYour Own Brand
Google Analytics?NoYes

Why You Should Go For Self-hosted WordPress.org?

If you go for a free WordPress.com blog then you don’t own the blog technically. A custom domain gets you instant credibility since you can’t create a brand using a yourname.wordpress.com address. You can monetize your blog and make money displaying ads or promoting affiliate networks. It’s more likely that people remember your website if you have a custom domain name. But if you’re a newbie and is not tech-savvy then I suggest you to go for Blogger.com and you can still make money out of it as Blogspot allows you to display ads.

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    WordPress.com and Wordpres.org both are good for running an online websites. They have their own limitations for using. But if you are a beginner then I would suggest about WordPress.com. It offers widgets that help you for customizing your blog. You can also use social media widgets.

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