Why Outsourcing Content Creation Is A Bad Idea For Your Blog

Content is still the king and we can reaffirm it by saying that quality content is the king. As we know, millions of articles are being generated daily by blogs, news websites, forums, web 2.0, etc.

Bad Idea

But it’s also true that ever since the the time Google has dominated the search space, content lost its edge. Why? Because nowadays people write for search engines and not for users. And I see that the top results on SERPs are dominated by spammers. Thanks to Black Hat SEOs.

Why Bloggers Should Not Outsource Content Creation

We subscribe to your blog to read your opinions or comments and not your paid writers’ or guest bloggers’. I don’t remember how many blogs I’ve removed from my RSS reader just because they post low quality guest posts or too many affiliate posts.

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Multi author blogs are good only when you have a panel of experts who write about topics that they’re really passionate about. Most of the content creators are actually freelance writers who will write on almost any topic. I don’t think that it’s possible for someone to blog passionately about a variety of topics that are unrelated.

As you might have already noticed, many of the good blogs are started by a single person and once they begin receiving good traffic and make money they hire low quality writers and accept stupid guest posts and all we see from the real author are just affiliate reviews, giveaways, sponsored posts, etc.

So now, as you can see, the blogs that I’ve subscribed to are all either single author blogs or authority multi-author blogs.

Don’t Accept Guest Posts Unless…

It’s okay if you accept guest posts. But at least make sure that they’re unique and original. Most of the guest post topics that you accept are duplicates. It means that they’re rewritten versions of another blog post so it really doesn’t add any value to your blog. Again, the guest bloggers should interlink the guest posts with your own old published content. If they do that by themselves then it obviously means that they have done enough research prior to writing and are probably avid readers of your blog.

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Accept the guest posts only if it has high quality screenshots or images with proper attribution. And finally, it must be proofread by yourself and must make sure that it’s completely relevant to your niche.

If you’re outsourcing content creation then at least make sure that you hire only experienced writers in your niche who can contribute original ideas instead of reposts or topics that have already been covered elsewhere.

Happy Blogging!

  • http://seohour.com/ Nandita B.

    Hi Mahesh,

    You opinion about “Outsourcing Content Creation/Creators” is extremely valuable for newbie bloggers. Your years of blogging experience is reflected on this post.

    Happy Blogging :)

    • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan

      Hey, thanks Nadita! Well, most bloggers write themselves at first but they tends to hire writers when they become lazy or when they start making money. That’s the first signal that their blog is going to die.

  • http://mysay.in My Say

    thats a very helpful post on guest blogging .. Offlate i am getting too many offers for guest posts .. Is there any specific precaution I need to adhere to ? Plz guide !

    • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, make sure that you accept the guest posts only if it they meets your writing style. Also, make sure that they’re really useful and you find something unique in it. Otherwise it’s just another article on the internet that no one really cares about. You can check the [Don’t Accept Guest Posts Unless You Follow These 7 Rules] post by Neil Patel that I’ve linked in this blog post.


  • http://www.arunii.com arun

    It all depends on your business model. You can be clever in outsourcing content like add the person touch in final editing of the post you have outsourced

    if you do not have enough time, invite people to contribute which have authority in their niche and more knowledgeable than you.

    Overall great insights !

    • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, you said it. “Business Model”. I believe that people read blogs as they like casual writing and likes to read others’ personal experiences. Otherwise authority multi-author blogs and websites is all we need.

      If your primary motive is money then yeah one can easily outsource the complete blog and make big bucks.