Google+ Becomes The Second Largest Social Network — Oh, Really?


According to Global Web Index Google+ is now the second largest social network out there with 343 million users. Obviously Facebook is the largest with 693 million active users (and 1 billion registered users) and YouTube is the third largest social media platform. But how reliable are these stats? Of course, no wonder if Facebook and YouTube are in the Top 3 list as everyone I (and probably you) know online has a Facebook account and does watch videos on YouTube. But how come Google+ is the second largest network?

I’m not even willing to call it a social network. Google+ is just a page to showcase my profile (and maybe pictures, videos, and links).

Top 25 Social Networks by Active Users

Now what about the user engagement rates? I bet it would be no where near the engagement rates of Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, I don’t know even a single person around me who is actually using Google+ as a social network or to connect with his/her friends like we use Facebook or Twitter.

I believe that the following initiatives by Google might have contributed to Google Plus’s growth apart from its 425 million+ active Gmail users.

  • Google+ is tightly integrated with Gmail.
  • Google+ is now mandatory for webmasters.
  • You don’t have a Gmail account? Okay, sign up for a new Gmail account and you are asked to sign up for a Google+ account too by creating a Google+ profile.
  • You don’t have a Google account? Okay, sign up for a new Google account which requires you to sign up for a Gmail account and again you’re asked to create a Google+ profile.
  • Google replaced Gmail chat with Google+ hangout.

And to know what else is integrated with Google+ just search the phrase “Google+ integrates with” and you’ll see how Google integrated Google+ with Blogger, YouTube, Google Play Reviews, Google Groups, Google +1, etc.

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So now you have no choice but to sign up for a Google+ account and in that case, probably, no one can stop Google from being in the list of Top 3. Doesn’t matter if the users who sign up do so willingly or otherwise!

Image Credit: Fabrizio Van Marciano

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