• Jay

    Hi Mahesh,
    Thanks for this article. To the best of your knowledge, are any of these networks more geared towards the promotion of apps specifically, digital products more generally?

    From your description, it sounds like ClickBank might be more oriented this way.


  • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan

    Hi Jay,

    Yes, if you want to promote Digital Products (eBook) then go for ClickBank. Unlike other affiliate networks ClickBank is a market place of digital products only.

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  • Ron Benson

    Thanks much Mahesh I had spent days looking for good 2 tier affiliate programs and I was pleasantly surprise that I was able to find and signup for three here: Linkconnector, Viglink, and Skimlinks due to your great post. I will be sure to check back often!

    • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan

      My pleasure! :)

  • http://notesabouttech.com Eddy

    Hey Mahesh, thanks for this post.. VigLink looks nice. I think Affburner is better though and deserves to be on this list.. Cheers

    • http://www.minterest.org Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Eddy,

      Thanks for that… I will feature that network if it’s relevant and offers more value than any of the above networks.


  • marduk

    Commission junction shaves almost all your commissions (95% of your sales) you better stay away from them as this happened to me.

    • http://www.minterest.com Mahesh Mohan


      I’m a CJ publisher since the past 9 years or so but never had a problem like that…. except that I’m not happy with their tracking.

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