The Secret To ‘Daily Blogging’ Is To ‘Start Writing’ A Blog Post

You’re a blogger but you’re running short of ideas to write about. You re-blog what you read on other blogs in your niche. You think it’s not possible to make news. You think you can’t write an original story. But then have you ever wondered how the so-called professional bloggers come up with a new unique topic daily?


Well, the secret to daily blogging is to start writing a blog post a day. If you’re really passionate about your blogging niche and if you’re obsessed with what you’re doing then you can’t do anything unless you complete the blog post.

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I can say that I have repented several times by not blogging at the correct time even though I had a topic handy. Why? Blogging is easy but it takes time, patience, research, and some skills to curate stuff.

But it’s also true that whenever I start writing a blog post I won’t do anything else unless I’m done with it. It can take quite a few hours to complete a blog post but my enthusiasm doesn’t die till the blog post is completed.

You CAN easily write a blog post of say < 500 words daily if you stay away from your social media profiles. You don’t really need your social media connections to write a blog post or to get a topic idea. Instead spend more time on content curation, reading your favorite blogs, and for tracking industry news.

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If you follow industry news and read other blogs in your niche daily then you’ll never run out of topic.

How to keep yourself up-to-date? Add all your favorite blogs to your RSS reader in an organized way. For example, if you manage several blogs in different niches then you can categorize your RSS subscriptions by creating folders or labels in your RSS reader.


Now if you want to follow tons of blogs then it’s a good idea to use Social Magazine apps, LinkedIn Today, and other Web 2.0 sites like Twitter, Reddit,, etc. It’s really useful as they can show curated content from our favorite blogs based on their social media popularity so that you won’t miss an interesting article.

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Only in-depth posts with lots of external links, images, data requires many-many hours. You can easily publish an original blog post in under 30 minutes as they don’t require much research. Now you don’t have to re-blog what other blogs in your industry have already published and can easily come up with an original idea daily.

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    very nice post !! impressive !! its all about collecting data ….from right sources for blogging !! :) well wish my niche was about contents and not images !! :) although even i do the same