The Link Building Handbook – 75+ Resources, Tips, Strategies & Tools

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Link building is the process of building inbound links (also known as incoming links or backlinks) to your website. And post Google Panda and Penguin Updates it’s all about increasing the quality and not the quantity of backlinks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Link Building Strategies are changing after every Google Algorithmic updates. For instance, post Google Penguin, SEOs were focusing on Guest Blogging and then Google’s Matt Cutts wrote on his personal blog that Guest Blogging is done.

I published a blog post about the various link building strategies after the first Google Penguin update. But as Google began to push more algorithmic updates everything SEO began to change and now it’s all about user experience. So the new definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could be User Experience Optimization (UXO).

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15 Blogging Tips To Supercharge Your Next Blog Post

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I’ve highlighted over 18 surefire tips to write a perfectly optimized blog post in my last blog post. It was all about how to make your blog post more user and search engine friendly so as to leverage search engine optimization. And today I’m going to feature 15 blogging tips to make you a better blogger. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional wouldn’t matter, these tips will supercharge your next blog post. Guaranteed!

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18 Surefire Tips To Write A Perfectly Optimized Blog Post

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Over the past several months I’ve collected a ton of good resources about how to write a perfect blog post. So I thought it’s better to do a mashup than simply rewriting/reposting what’s already said in the blogosphere. So I’ll be focusing on writing a blog post that’s well optimized and that attracts search engine and social media love.

As you probably know, there are a lot of bloggers who write really awesome content but the problem is their blog posts are not so optimized. The reason could be they don’t care about SEO much or they are not so tech-savvy so they don’t know how to optimize their blog posts. Hence I believe that this blog post will also help the not so tech-savvy bloggers (food blogs, personal blogs) so that they can optimize their existing and future blog posts to skyrocket the traffic.

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Over 30 Awesome WordPress Plugins To Supercharge Your Blog

WordPress 2014

If you have just started a new WordPress blog (you should start one if you haven’t) then it’s extremely difficult to find the best WordPress plugins as there are over 29,000 plugins available in the WordPress Plugins Directory. I’ve already featured the Top 25 WordPress Plugins, of 2012 and 2013, here and here respectively.

So this is my 2014 list and today, I’m going to feature over 30 plugins and these are my personal favorites. That said, I’m not currently using all of them as I try to keep the number of active plugins less than 20. Why? Because using too many plugins affects the performance of your blog. Also, a single plugin that’s flawed can degrade your blog’s overall performance and it may even impact your search engine ranking as Page Loading Speed is now one of the ranking signals used by search engines.

So make sure that you’re installing only the plugins that you really need. One easy way to check the credibility of a plugin is by checking its Ratings, Downloads, and Last Updated stats on and that’s why this time I’ve included these three stats of each plugin at the time of writing here.

I have tried my best to avoid listing two plugins that do the same job but I’ve mentioned the duplicates as “Alternative(s)” so that you can try them if you don’t like the one that I have featured here. Also, I’ve included some plugins as “Add-ons”, they’re not duplicates and they can be used along with the other plugins listed here.

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3 SEO Tools To Visualize Google Algorithmic Updates On Your Analytics Graph


How do you figure out why your traffic dropped or spiked suddenly? The options are… you ask industry experts, or monitor webmaster forums like Digital Point, WebmasterWorld, Google Webmaster Central Forum, or use tools like MozCast (Google weather report), SERPmetrics (SERP fluctuations), or check updates on official Google Webmaster Blog or Twitter, or check Matt Cutt’s blog or Twitter, or check Manual Webspam Actions in Google Webmaster Tools.

If there is a sudden change in organic search traffic then it’s more likely that Google pushed an update to its algorithm.

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Top 25 Google Chrome SEO Extensions For Bloggers & Marketers

Google Chrome

As you probably know there are tons of SEO extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. Though they have categorized all the extensions it’s somewhat difficult to identify the best among them. Another problem is… most people don’t know what they want. That’s why I created a comprehensive list of Chrome productivity extensions for bloggers and have also featured all the extensions that I’m using.

Today I’m going to focus only on SEO plugins and I have sorted 25 plugins that you can try as an SEO. I’m not including any of the non-SEO extensions as they’re already covered.

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Dear Google, Should I Focus On Content Creation Or DMCA Takedowns?

As a blogger, should I focus on content creation or spend enormous time on finding content scrapers and then for filing DMCA Takedown notices? Please advice…


I’m very much annoyed that you continue giving higher ranking to content scrapers even after your so-called algorithmic updates Panda, Penguin, Caffeine, etc. I completely understand when a higher authority website outranks ours even for an exact match "title search".

But there’s no excuse when a spammy content scraper website continues to outrank the original blog posts. Recently you published a Webmaster video where Matt Cutts explains how Google finds it difficult to find the real author of an article.

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Forget Content Marketing, Let’s Focus On Content Curation


A content curator is someone who aggregates content from across the web. They’re not the ones who copy stuff from the Internet and repost the same on social media, blogs, etc. Content curators are passionate about what they share and hence they “curate” content before sharing by adding more information and value to it.

Content Curation is different from Content Creation because curators don’t generate any significant content by themselves. Their primary goal is to find interesting stuff and then re-publish the same by adding their own views about the content.

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