Microsoft OneDrive vs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Amazon Cloud Drive vs. Box vs. Mega vs. iCloud Drive [Comparison]

OneDrive vs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Amazon Cloud Drive vs. Box vs. Mega

If you’re an active internet user, it’s more likely that you’re using a cloud storage service (or an online backup service). If you’re not using it already, then sooner or later you’re going to need it. A cloud storage service can be useful to you in several ways. For instance, it can save the disk space on your PC if you store your photos and videos online. Also, it can be used as a backup service so that your files are all safe in the cloud even if your computer hard drive crashes. And yeah, today cloud storage service has become increasingly popular because of their cross-platform support. It means that you can upload your documents from your PC to the cloud and can instantly access it via your mobile.

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Need A Free Google Apps Alternative? Use Gmail As Your Email Hub!

Google Apps

If you’re a blogger, freelancer or an Internet entrepreneur then you need your own custom email address, right? Because sooner or later you’ll feel embarrassed to show your,,, or email address to the public. So the usual option is to sign up for a domain name and a web hosting plan and then use an email client like Outlook Express to access email. But that sucks!

And then Microsoft introduced Windows Live Custom Domains back in 2005 and later in 2006 Google introduced Gmail For Your Domain (now known as Google Apps). A free Google Apps account was the perfect solution since we got a Gmail like experience for our custom email accounts. And I was super excited when I was able to host my email in the Google cloud.

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Free Microsoft adCenter Promo Code

Microsoft adCenter

What is Microsoft adCenter?

Microsoft adCenter is a platform that enables you to create, manage and optimize your search marketing campaigns to targeted buyers from a pool of 162 million unique search users on Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! Networks. That’s over 30% of US online market. 81% of them have recently purchased online, and they convert at a higher average rate than Google.

Microsoft adCenter Promotional Coupon Code

Yahoo! Bing Network

Microsoft adCenter (formerly MSN adCenter) is now offering free coupon codes for the residents of US, Canada, UK, India, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. However, the promotional code is different for each countries. adCenter Coupon for United States and Canada is $50, for UK it’s £50, for India it’s Rs. 1,000, for France, Germany, Italy and Spain it’s €50, for Australia it’s $40 AUD, for New Zealand it’s $40 NZD and for Brazil it’s R$60 (so you’re supposed to use the coupons accordingly). Moreover, your billing address, currency, and of course the coupon code should match (e.g. U.K. billing address, U.K. currency, U.K. promo code). You cannot change the currency once the account is created so make sure that the coupon is for the same currency and country you are located, otherwise it will not work properly since the adCenter promo codes are considered as type of currency.

Kick-start Your First Ad Campaign With Free Microsoft adCenter Promo Code

Are you from U.S.? Sign Up here & get $50 Credits.
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Make the most of your marketing budget

Online advertising isn’t just for big businesses with big budgets. Keyword advertising can be an effective, low-cost way to get new customers to find your business online. Microsoft adCenter makes it easy to begin using paid search (also called keyword advertising). You can start with just a few keywords and build from there — It’s fast, easy, and absolutely free to start your Microsoft adCenter campaign today. And you only pay when your ad is clicked.

Reach out to a qualified audience

Not all search engines bring the same audience, so a wise search marketer considers using more than one in his or her marketing tool bag. A little research can be of great help in determining where to start. Microsoft adCenter puts your ad in front of Bing and Yahoo! search users, who are converted to customers at a higher average rate than Google users in three out of five categories. It’s a qualified audience of proven buyers to whom you can start advertising your business when you sign up for adCenter.

Target your marketing efforts

By adopting adCenter’s targeting capabilities, you can reach out to the right audience at the right time and help improve your return on investment. Audience selection criteria helps improve your audience targeting strategy with the ability to target based on geographical location, day of the week, time of day and age and gender.

Let Microsoft adCenter be the ticket to search marketing success for your small business

Microsoft adCenter is an advanced platform for online advertising— powerful enough to allow you to reach out to millions and millions of viewers on the Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! networks and precise enough to target your potential customers.

Note: Make sure that you use the appropriate URL to sign up. That is, residents of UK must use the sign up the URL for UK, and residents of India must use the sign up the URL for India.

Microsoft adCenter Promo Code Details

Valid only for advertisers who open a new Bing Ads account by June 30, 2015 (midnight PST). The offer valid only for residents of US, Canada, UK, India, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and Brazil. Limit: one ad credit per customer. There is a minimum bid requirement of $0.05 per click through when using adCenter.

Microsoft SkyDrive vs Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Amazon Cloud Drive

Microsoft SkyDrive vs Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Amazon Cloud Drive

Microsoft SkyDrive vs Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Amazon Cloud Drive – Comparison

I was not using any of the free online storage services – Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, etc. All I used was Gmail to store my files as attachments and that was enough for me. But I have tried Windows Live SkyDrive and Windows Live Mesh in the past even though I never used it. Why? Just because Microsoft has a branding problem. They offer similar services in different names. I hate that strategy. Microsoft offered 25 GB (now 7 GB) free storage via SkyDrive and another 5 GB via Live Mesh. And, SkyDrive didn’t have an app for desktop until recently. They finally came up with a desktop client for Windows and Mac. That’s not all! It even supports remote access – so you can access your desktop files even if it’s not stored on your SkyDrive folder. So, I gave it a try. And yeah it was perfect. But wait! Google’s much awaited Google Drive (GDrive) has arrived. Now, I no longer need SkyDrive since Google Drive is deeply integrated with Gmail and so it’s much more feasible to use Google Drive instead of SkyDrive as I’m already using the 20 GB for $5/year plan by Google (which is no longer offered).

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Notifications: The Only Reason Why I Love Windows 8’s Modern UI

When Microsoft released Windows 8 last year, I blogged about it and expressed my dislike for the Windows 8 Metro UI and apps. Of course, I love Windows 8 and love its Modern UI.


But what I don’t like about Windows 8 is its Start Screen which gives the feeling of running two PCs in one. It’s like we’re using a PC and Tablet at the same time. There are decent number of Windows 8 apps out there but I was not using any. Why? Because the Windows 8 app ecosystem is a light year away from iOS or Android.

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30 Default iPhone Apps By Apple And Its Great Alternatives

Apple iPhone

You know one reason (or perhaps the primary reason) why people prefer an iPhone over Android is that you get the best quality hardware and software from Apple with apps like Siri, iMessage, FaceTime, etc. that’s not available for Android. That’s not all! You also get the first-class versions of all official apps by various vendors.

As you probably know few apps by Google work better on iOS than Android. When Google released Maps for iOS, several sources claimed that Google Maps for iOS is better than Android version. And this report suggests that Google’s apps run better on the iPad mini than the Nexus 7.

So it really means that you don’t have to buy an Android phone for the sake of apps. When you buy a phone you’re really investing in its ecosystem. And that’s the primary reason why people say they’re switching to Android or iOS instead of mentioning the brand name of a phone.

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Why You Should Advertise On Microsoft adCenter And Not On Google AdWords

Google vs Bing

Google vs Bing

I’m pretty sure that If someone ask you to name two search engines, it’s more likely that you mention Google and then maybe Bing.

My default search engine on all the three web browsers – Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox – is Google and will be Google itself unless Bing offers me all the advanced search features of Google. Bing does offer an advance search function but only with limited options.

However as an Internet Marketer when it comes to marketing I use Bing and only Bing. Simply because it offers better Return On Investment (ROI). Bing’s conversions are CRAZY as it sends you laser targeted visitors.

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Gmail vs. vs. Yahoo! Mail: An Ultimate Comparison vs. Gmail vs. Yahoo! Mail

Dear Microsoft, there’s no doubt that (previously Windows Live Hotmail, Microsoft Hotmail) is cooler than Gmail or Yahoo! Mail. But you know what? Gmail (or Google Mail) is way ahead of any other e-mail service when it comes to productivity. I’m using Gmail ever since they launched as an invite-only beta release and it’s Gmail and not Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail that redefined the way I use an e-mail service.

That said, as a Microsoft fanatic I finally migrated to from Gmail last year even though I was aware that I’m not going to get all the features I enjoy from Google Mail. But that migration was part of my break-free from Google as I was too obsessed with Google products.

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