30+ Google AdSense Alternatives You Didn’t Know [Make Money Blogging]

Google AdSense Alternatives

First Published: July 22, 2012; Last Updated: Monday, April 14, 2014

Google AdSense is undoubtedly the best advertising network out there that follows a pay-per-click advertising model. When Google AdSense was first launched they were accepting almost all websites with over 100 content rich pages and that comply with their basic program policies. So almost anyone was able to get an AdSense account (even with scraped content) in less than a week or two.

But today, your website must not only comply with Google AdSense Program Policies but must also comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines. It means that you they can deny your AdSense application if your website is selling text links or is hosting copyrighted content, etc. Even if your website complies with these program policies and guidelines they may still reject the application based on the content quality.

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How To Recover Your Hacked Google/Gmail Account & Password In 5 Steps


First Published: 2012; Last Updated: Thursday, March 27, 2014

I’ve already discussed about how to secure your Gmail account from hacking. It’s all about keeping your account safe by using a strong password (use a combination of alphabets, numbers, symbols) and by enabling 2-Step verification. But what to do when your Gmail account is hacked or compromised? Since the hacker may have already changed your password, security question & answer, recovery email address, mobile number associated with the account you can’t recover your Gmail using the basic account recovery methods.

If the basic account recovery options like recovery email address and mobile phone number is not changed then you can instantly recover the account by requesting a verification code to your mobile phone or by confirming access to your recovery e-mail.

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How To Secure Your Google/Gmail Account From Hacking

Google Mail

First Published: 2011; Last Updated: Thursday, March 27, 2014

Google knows what we’re searching for, what we read online, what we have signed up for, who we often contact, with whom we’re connected, what we watch, where we are, what we sound like, what our friends do, our meetings, our interests, where we go, etc. (see full list here). And hence, it’s very important that we secure our Google (and Gmail) account  to prevent any unauthorized access.

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Microsoft OneDrive vs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Amazon Cloud Drive vs. Box vs. Mega [Comparison]

OneDrive vs. Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. Amazon Cloud Drive vs. Box vs. Mega

If you’re an active internet user then it’s more likely that you’re using a cloud storage service (or an online backup service). If you’re not using that then you’re going to need it. A cloud storage service can be useful to you in several ways. For instance, it can save the disk space on your PC if you store your photos and videos online. Also, it can be used as a backup service so that your files are all safe in the cloud even if your computer hard drive crashes. And yeah, today cloud storage service has become increasingly popular because of their cross-platform support. It means that you can upload your documents from your PC to the cloud and can instantly access it via your mobile.

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Over 20 Google Chrome New Tab Extensions You Probably Don’t Know

Google Chrome New Tab Page

I wanted to update my Speed Dial 2 review by listing more New Tab extensions at the end. But then I realized that there are ton of extensions that deserve a mention so I decided to feature the ones that I liked the most here. This article is for those who dislike the default Chrome New Tab page and is looking for a replacement.

I’ve categorized the extensions as Feature Rich and Simple/Empty New Tab extensions. You can try the feature rich extensions if you want a start page that’s customized to tailor your needs. And you can go for Simple extensions if you want to disable the default start page.

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Over 101 Google Products And Services You Probably Don’t Know

101 Google Products & Services
First Published: 2009; Last Updated: Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Google may be a synonym for search but it’s not just restricted to that feature alone. Anyway, how many Google products and services do you use? The common answers will be Gmail, Google+, Drive, Docs, or an Image Search.

Over 1 billion users per week. Over 100 billion searches per month. Over 1 billion Android activations. Over 1 billion YouTube users per month. That’s the stats of Google.

If you are not tech-savvy then chances are that you are unaware about majority of Google’s products and services.

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How To Change Chrome Bookmark Favicons In Less Than 5 Minutes

Google Chrome

If you’re a power Google Chrome user then you probably know that we CAN’T change the favicons of Chrome bookmarks. But it’s possible in Internet Explorer and it’s super easy. Since Internet Explorer stores all the bookmarks in your PC’s Favorites folder (C:\Users\<Your User Name>\Favorites), you can change its favicon by using the “Change Icon…” option of each bookmark’s Properties (Right-click Bookmark > Properties > Change Icon…).

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