Perfect Audience Review: Kickstart Your First Retargeting Campaign In 5 Steps

You visit a shopping website and soon its ads are everywhere you go — on your favorite blog, on news portal, and even on your Facebook. No, it isn’t magic. They’re all retargeted ads. Today, retargeted ads are so popular that it’s everywhere on the web — on Facebook, on Twitter, and even on your favorite blogs and websites.

Retargeting: What Is It? And Why Retarget?

Retargeting (also known as Remarketing) is a form of online advertising in which you’re targeting users who previously visited your website (but is visiting other websites), and left without taking an action.

Why should you retarget users? The reason is… less than 5% of the first time visitors convert to customers. If you have an e-Commerce website and you used a pay-per-click campaign to attract targeted users, then it’s more likely that they will leave your website without buying or signing up.

The bounced visitors may come back to your website once again or maybe they won’t. So you can target those users once again by showing retargeted ads and that makes it easier for them to find you. [Read more…]

Free Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Credits Worth Over $500

Free Pay Per Click Advertising Credits

Pay Per Click advertising (or simply PPC Advertising) is an Internet Marketing model where advertisers pay only when their advertisement is clicked.

The most popular Pay Per Click advertising networks are Google AdWords, Bing Ads (formerly Microsoft adCenter and MSN adCenter), Yahoo Search Marketing, and Facebook Ads.

What’s interesting about the pay-per-click advertising model is that there’s no minimum spending requirement. For instance, you can set a daily budget of $5 and maximum cost per click (CPC) as 5 cents. And you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. It’s that simple!

Free Pay-Per-Click Advertising Credits

Start your Search Engine Marketing campaigns with free credits. Most of the pay-per-click advertising networks (Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, Facebook,, BidVertiser, Miva, etc.) offer free ad credits to attract new customers. So here are the various PPC networks and their available free ad credits. Sign up today!

Bing Ads Coupon

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is now offering higher credits to attract more advertisers. The promotional credit depends upon your location and is different for different countries. Bing ad credit for the United States and Canada is $100, for UK it’s £75, for France, Germany, Italy and Spain it’s €50, for India it’s Rs. 1,000, for New Zealand it’s $100 NZD, for Australia it’s $100 AUD, and for Brazil it’s R$170. Moreover, your address, currency, and the coupon code should match (e.g. U.K. address, GBP currency; UK coupon).

Bing Ads Coupon (USA)

Bing Ads Canada Coupon

Bing Ads UK Coupon

Bing Ads France Coupon

Bing Ads Germany Coupon

Bing Ads Italy Coupon

Bing Ads Spain Coupon

Bing Ads India Coupon

Bing Ads Australia Coupon

Bing Ads New Zealand Coupon

Bing Ads Brazil Coupon

Yahoo Search Marketing Coupon

Yahoo Bing Network

As you probably know, Microsoft & Yahoo! formed the Yahoo Bing Network. So all you need is a Bing Ads account to advertise on the Yahoo Bing Network (an advertising marketplace made up of Yahoo, Bing, and their partner websites). But if your monthly budget is above $1,000 then you can sign up here and a Yahoo sales representative will contact you.

The Yahoo Bing Network is the combined advertising marketplace made up of Yahoo, Bing, and syndicated partner sites such as Facebook, Amazon, Monster, WebMD, CNBC, and Viacom, plus networks like The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

Google AdWords Coupon

Google AdWords

Google AdWords now requires you to accrue advertising charges ($5~50 – depending upon the voucher) in order to get free ad credits. You have to request your code by filling out a form and they’ll e-mail you the offer code.

*If the above AdWords links didn’t work for you or you haven’t received the coupon code by e-mail and you never opened an account before (an existing AdWords customer is not eligible for a promotional credit unless they invite you) or never redeemed a coupon before then you can call their support center and they’ll give you $100 credit (based on your location) to try AdWords.

BidVertiser Coupon

Facebook Ads Coupon

Amazon Product Ads

LookSmart Ads

  • Free Credits: $50
  • Initial Deposit: $50
  • Promo Code: 50LS
  • Sign Up URL: LookSmart Ads

  • Free Credits: 10% of your deposit (up to $1,000)
  • Initial Deposit: $1,000
  • Promo Code: N/A
  • Sign Up URL:

Perfect Audience Retargeting Ads

Last Updated: December, 2014.

Bing Ads vs. Google AdWords: 10 Features Unique To Bing Ads

Bing Ads vs. Google AdWords

If you’re a search engine marketer and if someone asks you to name two search engines, it’s more likely that you mention Google and Bing (or maybe Yahoo), right? Of course there are other search engines like Baidu, Yandex, Blekko, DuckDuckGo, etc. but Google and Bing are the two real search engines that matter the most to advertisers. Why? Because Google and Bing (Microsoft & Yahoo) have a combined market share of over 90% in the U.S. search market according to comScore.

Google vs. Yahoo Bing Network: Search Market Share

Google has a search market share of 67.5% in the U.S. and the combined market share of the Yahoo Bing network is around 30% as of March, 2014. So it means that when you advertise on Google AdWords and Bing Ads you’re already reaching 90% of searchers. If you’re not promoting your business on Bing then it’s like you’re ignoring a large population as 1/3rd of all searches takes places on non-Google websites.

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Free Google AdWords Coupon Code 2013 – Worth Up To $100

Google AdWords

Google AdWords Key Highlights

  • AdWords is super effective for all businesses.
  • Demographics and locations can be chosen by advertisers before showing ads.
  • Campaigns can be modified, stopped or paused anytime.
  • With the CPC pricing, advertisers need to pay only when the ads are clicked on by prospective clients.
  • Tracking of expenditure and performance of ads and the campaigns is easy.
  • Advertisers can keep a check on the budget for an ad or campaign and control it regularly.
  • There is no minimum budget for a campaign and hence it is pocket friendly.

Free Google AdWords Voucher Code Worth $100

As you might have already noticed, Google AdWords changed the way coupons work and now advertisers are required to accrue initial advertising charges ($5 to $50) within 31 days of entering the coupon code that you have received. Also, you must redeem the coupon code before its expiry date.

You’ll be charged when you exceed the promotional credit but you’re free to suspend your ads anytime before the credit is exhausted. AdWords won’t notify you the status of your promotional credits so you need to monitor your campaigns regularly to make sure that you haven’t exceeded the free ad credits.

Free Google AdWords Promotional Code

When you get the coupon code you can login to your AdWords account (or create a new account if you’re a new advertiser) and navigate to Billing to enter your promo code.

If the above links didn’t work for you or you haven’t received the coupon code by e-mail and you never opened an account before (an existing AdWords customer is not eligible for a promotional credit unless they invite you) or never redeemed a coupon before then you can call their support center and they’ll give you $100 credit (based on your location) to try AdWords.


And Wait… Here’s How To Find AdWords Coupons By Yourself

If you know how to use Google’s site search effectively then you can find AdWords coupons by yourself. It is possible because most of the AdWords’ landing pages that offer free advertising credit are indexed by Google. So you can search “free advertising credit”, “free $100 credit”, etc. on Google using the following format:

You’ll see a list of AdWords offer pages that says free ad credits but make sure that you’re signing up only after getting the coupon code. But yeah, you can even apply the coupon code after the sign up process because as long as you never applied a promotional code to your account your account is eligible.

And that’s not all, you can enter multiple coupons in a single AdWords account as you go. But don’t think about abusing the system as it doesn’t work that way. You sign up for a new account, accrue the initial spending requirements,  and then apply the first promotional code that you have received. When your coupon code is fully redeemed and if you continue to promote your business on AdWords as a paying advertiser then you can apply another promotional code after 3 months or so (depending upon the new offer code). And don’t think about opening multiple AdWords account only to redeem promotional codes. Because they will suspend all your accounts and may even black list you so that you won’t be able to open a new account.

Sometimes even if you don’t become a paid advertiser, Google may e-mail you new promotional credit in order to bring you back to AdWords. It usually happens when your AdWords account is inactive for several months.

Affiliate Marketers: How To Tweak Your Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns


If you’re an advertiser on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or any other pay-per-click advertising network then you know that you can target users by location and also by the devices that they’re using. For example, you can show your ads to users who live in the U.K. and are using a tablet computer.

Now if you’re an affiliate marketer who is engaged in direct linking (linking to advertiser’s landing pages from search marketing campaigns) then you can save money and improve your conversion rate by tweaking your pay-per-click campaigns so that you get the maximum return on your investment.

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Why You Should Advertise On Microsoft adCenter And Not On Google AdWords

Google vs Bing

Google vs Bing

I’m pretty sure that If someone ask you to name two search engines, it’s more likely that you mention Google and then maybe Bing.

My default search engine on all the three web browsers – Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox – is Google and will be Google itself unless Bing offers me all the advanced search features of Google. Bing does offer an advance search function but only with limited options.

However as an Internet Marketer when it comes to marketing I use Bing and only Bing. Simply because it offers better Return On Investment (ROI). Bing’s conversions are CRAZY as it sends you laser targeted visitors.

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Dear Google, Here’s How Spammers Are Inflating The Costs Of ‘Real’ Advertisers

Dear Google AdWords,

Google AdWords

You’re the uncrowned king of online advertising but you’ve terribly disappointed me long time back when you suspended one of my AdWords campaign for the so called “Landing Page and Site Policy violations” or “Landing Page Experience” when I didn’t actually do anything really wrong.

It’s alright! That was a long time ago. But today, I just wanted to highlight some of the Google AdWords Advertising Policies and showcase some ads to confirm whether that’s how you define quality and landing page experience.

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Google AdWords Advertising Policies: What You Need To Know

Google AdWords

When I wrote the blogpost “How To Make Money Online With AdWords Without A Website” I got few comments and e-mails about whether Google AdWords allows direct linking. That is, are we allowed to link directly to advertisers (using our affiliate URLs) from AdWords ads? In a word, Yes! But wait, they do have some advertising policies so here are the AdWords advertising terms, guidelines and the landing page policies every digital marketer should know.

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