How To Use Google Reader From Within Microsoft Outlook 2013

Google Reader in Outlook

Google Reader is perhaps the best RSS feed reader out there that consolidates all of our RSS subscriptions. Microsoft Outlook comes with an inbuilt RSS Reader that downloads all your feed items to Outlook so that you can read your feeds offline since the data is now stored in your local disk.

Now, if you still want to rely on Google Reader (like me) then you can access your Google Reader feeds right from your Outlook. All you need to do is right-click the “RSS Feeds” folder in Outlook and click “Properties”.

Microsoft Outlook RSS Feeds

Now, navigate to “Home Page” tab and enter the URL in the address field and check the option “Show home page by default for this folder“.

Microsoft Outlook RSS Feeds Properties

You will be prompted to login to your Google account when you click on “RSS Feeds” in Outlook. Just login using your Google account and password (no application specific password required).

Google Reader in Outlook 2013

The real advantage of using this method is that you don’t have to manage your feed items again as everything is still synced via Google Reader. Now the disadvantage is that you can’t read your feeds offline and all links from Outlook will open on Internet Explorer even if your default browser is a Chrome or a Firefox.

But, if you want to read your feeds by downloading them and make them available offline too, then you need to follow this method.

Go to Google Reader and open “Reader settings”.

Google Reader Settings

And navigate to “Import/Export” tab.

Google Reader Import/Export

There you can export all your Google Reader subscriptions as an OPML format.

Google Reader Export

Now click on “download” and save the OPML file to your local disk.

Google Reader Export RSS Feeds

Open “Microsoft Outlook” and right-click “RSS Feeds” and click on “Import an OPML File…”.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 RSS Import

Browse your local files and choose the OPML file which you have exported from Google Reader Settings and click “Next”.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 RSS Import OPML File

Outlook shows all the RSS Feeds and you need to select the Feeds which you want to import to Outlook or you can “Select All” if you want to import all the RSS subscriptions.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 RSS Import OPML File

Click “Next” and then click “Finish”. You’re all set to go now!

Microsoft Outlook 2013 RSS Import OPML File

You can now read your RSS feeds online/offline from your Outlook by clicking “RSS Feeds”. The only problem is that your Outlook feeds are not synced with Google Reader.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 RSS Feeds Reader

  • Nob Bobby

    Google Reader is the best RSS feed reader but it seem not working on UC Browser 8.7