Minteresting Friday — Digital Media Resources Mashup – February 8, 2013

Happy Friday

Minteresting Friday is a Digital Media roundup by Minterest that compiles the finest Blogging, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Technology, and Web 2.0 resources that you don’t want to miss.

My Picks

How To Use Zite Magazine App To Get Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

Content Curators Are The New Superheroes Of The Web

Curation is the act of individuals with a passion for a content area to find, contextualize, and organize information. Curators provide a consistent update regarding what’s interesting, happening, and cool in their focus.

How To Stay Focused And Stay Motivated

“I am a failure.” “I never stick to anything.” “I don’t know what I need to do.” “I want to do something else.” If you feel like you have problems staying on track or finding motivation, this post is for you.

Google’s Tips For News Websites [VIDEO]

Do you have any specific tips for news sites?


How I Grew Quick Sprout From 121,311 to 244,923 Readers in 30 Days

I’ve never had more traffic coming to Quick Sprout, than I did in January 2013. So why was there a big increase in traffic during January? Well, there were a few reasons… lets dig into each of them.

The Real Secret to 1,000 Blog Subscribers in 60 Days or Less

You might not be a multimillionaire married to a senator, but you can still cultivate connections with powerful people and get yourself a 1,000 new subscribers in less than 60 days. Let me show you how!

How Content Curation Can Improve Your Search Rankings

Content curator’s job is to collect items and arrange them in a meaningful way, then put them on display for people to look at. Here are some of the benefits of content curation and some tools to capture the best ideas.

Six Ways You Can Ruin Your Blogging Career

Plagiarism of course is the biggest one we’ve been faced with in the recent months — but there are a few more things out there that can ruin a blogger’s career.

Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization

96 Quick SEO Wins – What Can You Do With An Hour?

If you want to win at SEO in 2013, you must commit to a solid long-term strategy. However, that’s not to say you can’t build small wins into your long-term strategy to strengthen it along the way. Here are 96 quick wins you can implement in an hour or less to see tremendous results.

How To Perform A SEO Audit – FREE $5000 Template Included

Over the years, the one thing that I’ve always noticed is that most sites aren’t optimized for search engines. Even websites that are run by and owned by SEOs aren’t always optimized. Here’s how to perform you own audit!

Top 50 SEO Myths Everyone Should Know About

Read thoroughly these 50 SEO myths and stop getting fooled by so called “SEO experts” that simply creating empty buzz. Search Engine Optimization was-is-and will be as a vital part of online marketing strategy, no matter what!

5 Ways To Protect Your Brand With Paid Search

When it comes to paid search, most advertisers are looking to generate sales and leads from their websites. And while SEM can work wonders for direct response, it can also be used to help protect your brand online. Here are five ways to leverage paid search for branding.


4 Tips You Need To Know About Business Networking

I’ve come up with some techniques that anyone can implement in order to take advantage of the benefits of being a good networker.

3 Secrets To Bill Gates’ Extraordinary Success

Contrary to popular belief, the multi-billionaire founder of Microsoft is not a visionary, but an executor. Here’s how.

Social Media

Meet The Man Who Makes Six Figures A Quarter Just From Using Twitter

A Six-Second Revolution: 10 Ways To Use Twitter’s Vine

Twitter introduced a video service recently called Vine. It enables you to create a six second video and share it with your social network. It has huge potential as a means of storytelling for communication, marketing and public relations.

Twitter Business Marketing: 9 Tips To Get You Started

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows you to update your world and helps you stay in touch with new prospects. I’m here to give you some Twitter marketing tips that’ll make your Twitter marketing campaign a success!

Twitter Search Results Now Surface Old Tweets

Twitter has started rolling out an update that allows you to see older tweets in search results. Search results on Twitter were previously limited to tweets that had been made over the past week.


Top 10 Smartphones For Business

BlackBerry is still a big player in the enterprise market but the rest of the pack is hot on its heels, with the likes of Apple, Samsung and Microsoft all eager to get a piece of the business pie. In no particular order, here are the top 10 smartphones for business…

Tools / Software

SkyDrive Updated To Support Document Editing Without A Microsoft Account

Microsoft is updating its SkyDrive cloud storage service today to include document editing for non-Microsoft account users. The new Office Web Apps feature lets you to share a document to other users who do not have a Microsoft account, allowing them to edit and save anonymously.

The 7 Essential Mobile Apps For When You Have To Work On Your Phone

Web Apps To Supercharge Your Online Social Life

Social Media is about bringing targeted traffic to your blog. Targeted traffic helps you make more money from your blog than any other traffic. But you can’t do this alone yourself. You need some help from some web apps.


15 Tips to Speed Up Your Website

Any search engine wants to provide users a great user experience and a fast site improves overall site quality and increases user satisfaction. Some of the following tips are implemented well by SEOmoz, but I will explain them anyway because of their general usefulness.

How To Make Your Site Insanely Fast

Not only do faster load times help boost search engine rankings, but 40% of people will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Well, I’ve used the techniques below to optimize Quick Sprout and I’ve improved my load time by 5 seconds.

10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Webmaster

How can you find someone who’s up to that tall task? Here are 10 important questions to ask potential webmasters to try to ensure you’re hiring the right person to maintain your website.

How To Beat Content Scrapers With Fat Pings Or PubSubHubbub

Content scraping bots take your original content and republish it. Learn how you can beat them with Fat Pings or Pubsubhubbub.

Reduce Bounce Rate: 20 Things To Consider

Reducing the bounce rate on pages that have the highest volume of traffic from your highest converting sources means more engaged visitors and a greater chance of conversion. Here are 20 considerations for reducing your bounce rate.

Image Credit: Dustin Gaffke