How To Use Listly For Content Curation, Traffic & Backlinks


I’m always in search of the best content curation tools to make publishing as simple as possible. I’ve already tried several ways and tools in the past like,, Diigo, Twitter Custom Timelines, etc. While some of them were useful, none of them actually worked.

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For example, when Twitter launched Custom Timelines I gave it a try and it was a nice way to curate the best tweets. But the problem was… it became slightly difficult to manage multiple timelines and I had to give up. Also, another problem was… the tweets in our custom timelines were not indexed by Google when it’s embedded in a blog post.

So that’s how I tried and I guess it’s the best tool as of now to curate content easily and in a more effective way. It allows you to create lists on almost anything – images, videos, apps, or texts. And you can easily share and embed your lists in a blog post and invite other members to vote up or down.

3 Reasons Why I Love

Bloggers, content creators & publishers use Listly to increase user engagement, get found, and distribute their content to a wider audience.

1. It’s Super Easy To Curate

We can simply enter a URL and it automatically collects the excerpts and the featured image from the URL. And another reason is, unlike Twitter Custom Timelines is more search engine friendly. I’ve already created two list posts My Favorite iOS Apps and 50 Cool iOS Apps using on this blog and noticed that the  content was indexed by Google.

2. Offers A Great User Experience

And the other reason is obviously the user experience. As you can see, it shows the lists in a nice way with several features to filter and sort the list. For example, If I’m creating a list of 100 Android apps then I can categorize it by using tags so that users can filter the list based on tags. And they can even sort the list by user votes, curated order, alphabets, or based on date.

3. We Get Free Backlinks & Traffic

Finally, we’re allowed to add external links within each item in a list so that I can build some backlinks if I want. You can check my own post or their official FAQ page to know how to leverage external links in lists. And what’s more? If your List is featured on their homepage (or when people use their search) then it means you get more traffic to your list and blog.

  • Miloš Dolobá?

    Thanks for useful post. I haven’t heard about listly until your blog post. I have little blog about tutorials for Ruby language and I have trouble with promotion of posts. I hope that listly will help me.

    • Mahesh Mohan


      It depends upon the type of content… If you’re writing a lot of list posts (like Top 20, Best 50, etc.) then you can create a list at so that if it’s interesting then you’ll get traffic from the listly community.