How To Test The “Responsiveness” Of Your Website

Want to test the “responsiveness” of your blog/website? Try Screenfly! As you can see I have switched to Genesis Framework from ColorLabs early this month and I love it. And while I was testing the design with various devices and browsers I noticed that there were minor design conflicts.

Minterest Screenshot

For this, I was looking for a service to test the blog at different screen resolutions and that’s how I found Screenfly. You can test your website on almost all devices with ANY screen size including Desktops/Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, and Television.

You can either choose their own preset screen resolutions or you can set your own custom screen size. That’s not all! You can also enable scrolling and can even rotate the screen so that you will know exactly how your website will appear on a mobile device in its portrait and landscape mode.

Use the “Custom Screen Size” to identify what element is causing an alignment problem. I noticed that in 1024 X 800 pixels my social media icons were aligned differently so I tweaked the sizes of icons to make them look better on all screen resolutions.

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  • Adi Muhadist

    I enjoyed playing with some available responsive website using this website

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    Great! Looks good to me…