How To Take Screenshot Of A Web Page Without Any Software

How To Take Screenshot Of A Web Page

I have tried tons of websites and browser add-ons in the past to take the screenshot of a webpage but none of them was reliable. As a blogger I used to take so many screenshots while writing a blogpost. Since I use Windows Live Writer to blog I tried few Plugins for Windows Live Writer as well to capture screenshots of websites but most of them worked for me.

How To Take Screenshot Of A Webpage Without Using Any Software

Thumbalizr is an online webpage screenshot service which can be used to generate thumbnails of a web page. You can capture the current screen or the entire web page. What’s more? It lets you download the thumbnails in different pixels – 150, 320, 640, 800, 1024, 1280 or even in custom sizes. Thumbalizr seems reliable but sometimes it doesn’t work and it takes so much time to generate the thumbnails.

Now, what are the alternatives?

If you want to capture the screenshot of a full webpage then Web Screenshots by Digital Inspiration is a good alternative to Thumbalizr. And if you want to capture the screenshots of the current screen then the best alternative is Google PageSpeed Insights.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Of course PageSpeed Insights is not a Website Screenshot Service by itself. It is an open source project by Google to help webmasters optimize their web pages by offering suggestions to make a web page loads faster.

But you can use that to create website screenshots of size 320 x 240 pixels. All you need to do is Analyze the URL and it offers the Insights along with a thumbnail.

Sample Screenshot Of A Webpage By Google PageSpeed Insights

Minterest Screenshot by Google PageSpeed Insights

Sample Screenshot Of A Webpage By Thumbalizr

Minterest Screenshot by Thumbalizr

Sample Screenshot Of A Full Webpage By Thumbalizr

Minterest Full Web Page Screenshot by Thumbalizr

  • Shivbhadra


    Need Help!
    Tried Google Pagespeed but i’m not sure from where i can get the screenshot. It shows the Thumbnail image but how to get the full screenshot?

    • Mahesh Mohan


      Just go to and enter your URL there… Click “ANALYZE”. It shows the summary along with the Screenshot of the URL which you can save using “Save Image As” context menu.

      – Mahesh

      • Shivbhadra


        sorry, i misread what you wrote. I read that it will look like the 2nd image! So i was hoping for the bigger image.

        Thanks. :)