How To Customize And Replace Google Chrome "New Tab" Page

Google Chrome

I hate Google Chrome’s “New Tab” page simply because its annoying. The primary reason is that the “Most visited” websites which Google Chrome shows are not necessarily my favorite websites or I already have a link to those websites in my “Bookmarks bar” which is always visible. Then why do I need an annoying “New Tab” page that’s good for nothing?

That’s not all! There’s an “Apps” page too which is I don’t require. I rarely visit the “Apps” page but I rely on Google Chrome Extensions a lot. Again there’s a shortcut to access all the extensions in the browser itself so why would I visit the “Apps” page?

Chrome Web Store

The Apps page would have been better if that irritating “Chrome Web Store” icon was not there. And there’s no option to remove the Chrome Web Store icon even when there’s already a link to the Web Store at the bottom of all “New Tab” pages.

Of course, we can easily disable the “New Tab” page with an “about:blank” page by using the Blank New Tab extension or we can customize the “New Tab” page by using various Chrome extensions.

That said, if you really want to customize the “New Tab” page then I suggest you use the extension Speed Dial or Speed Dial 2 which is probably the most popular “New Tab” extension with over a million users. Speed Dial extension replaces the Chrome’s New Tab page with your own predefined visual bookmarks.

Speed Dial is an awesome extension and I have used that before and it also featured in My Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions. But I was not too comfortable with that as it used a lot of memory (Google Chrome itself uses more memory than any other browser) and sometimes it was annoying as there was a delay while showing the bookmarks.

Other extensions include: Awesome New Tab Page (which allows you to enhance your “New Tab Page” with dynamic widgets, custom shortcuts, etc.), New Tab Redirect (which allows you to set a custom URL to load in new tabs) or define your own new tabs by using the extension Define your own new tab! which allows you to set your own new tab page(s) and can even open all the tabs that we want.

So, how to remove Google Chrome Web Store icon and customize the New Tab page without installing any other app or extension? Well, you don’t need to remove or hide the “Web Store” icon from the Apps page. Instead, you can create a new Apps page in Chrome.

How To Hide Chrome Web Store Icon From The “New Tab” Page

How To Remove Google Chrome Web Store Icon Without Installing An Extension

Watch the video to learn how to customize Google Chrome’s “New Tab” page WITHOUT installing “Speed Dial” or any other extensions. You can also remove or hide that annoying Chrome Web Store app icon.

I have shown you different ways to organize your apps or web page shortcuts using this method. The only thing which I don’t like about this method is that we can’t rename the shortcuts. But you can add the shortcuts from “Most visited” page itself so that the name of the shortcuts would be the web page’s title and not the URL.

BONUS: Chrome Toolbox Extension (by Google)

A quick access tool that allows you to put your favorite browser commands in one drop down menu, save unsubmitted form data, magnify images, view videos in standalone windows, and define shortcuts to open all links in any bookmark folder.

I came across the extension Chrome Toolbox by Google today while writing this blog post and it seems interesting. I’m not too obsessed with extensions and use only limited ones and they’re mostly official apps. So since this one is from Google I gave a try and found the following features of this extension useful:

  • Reopen Closed Tab – It enables a one-click “reopen closed tab” so that you don’t have to check history or open a “New Tab” page to access recently closed tabs.
  • Mute all tabs – It turn offs the sounds from all open browser tabs.
  • Double click on a tab to close it – It allows you to close a tab easily but this function is not working for me as of now.
  • Confirm before closing multiple tabs – It warns you when you’re about to close multiple tabs at the same time.
  • Scroll mouse wheel on the tab strip to switch tabs – It enables you to switch between different tabs by using your mouse’s scroll wheel (a feature I liked the most).
  • When pressing enter in address bar with a URL in it, opens the URL in a new tab – It opens the URLs and search results in a new tab whenever you press the enter key in URL field of the browser.
  • Boss Key – It hides all open Windows of Chrome until you press it again (you can define your own shortcut key).

…and many more features which ‘you’ probably need or have been looking for!