How To Recover Your Hacked Google/Gmail Account & Password In 5 Steps


First Published: 2012; Last Updated: Thursday, March 27, 2014

I’ve already discussed about how to secure your Gmail account from hacking. It’s all about keeping your account safe by using a strong password (use a combination of alphabets, numbers, symbols) and by enabling 2-Step verification. But what to do when your Gmail account is hacked or compromised? Since the hacker may have already changed your password, security question & answer, recovery email address, mobile number associated with the account you can’t recover your Gmail using the basic account recovery methods.

If the basic account recovery options like recovery email address and mobile phone number is not changed then you can instantly recover the account by requesting a verification code to your mobile phone or by confirming access to your recovery e-mail.

What If Your Google Account Is Hacked?

If you don’t have access to any of those recovery options then the only option is to verify your identity by answering a set of questions related to the hacked Google account. Your answers will help them ensure that you’re the actual account holder and only you get access to your account.

In General You’ll Need The Following Information To Quickly Reset Password

  • What was the last password that you remember (must have)?
  • When was the last time (month, date, and year) you were able to sign in to your Gmail account (must have)?
  • When did you (month and year) create your Gmail account (must have)?
  • What was the answer to your security question?
  • E-mail addresses of up to 5 frequently emailed contacts.
  • Name of up to 4 labels.
  • What was the first account recovery e-mail address that you remember?
  • Name up to 4 other Google products that you were using with your Gmail account and also the approximate date (month and year) you started using them.
  • Phone numbers that you may have associated with your Google account.
  • Information about how you lost access to your Google/Gmail account.

Since they ask you to verify your identity by asking multiple questions about your account you’ll need as much accurate information as possible. The questions that they ask may vary according to your usage. For example, I tried different accounts to test Gmail password reset option and the questions were all different but the whole process remains the same.

Here’s What To Do When Your Gmail Account Is Hacked

Step 1: Go to Google account login page and click on “Need help?” link.

Google Password Help

Step 2: It redirects you to  the Google Account Recovery page. Select the “I don’t know my password” option on that page and enter your Google/Gmail ID and click “Continue”.

Google Login Trouble

Step 3: Now you may see a Captcha form, so fill it out and click “Continue”. On the next page you can enter your last password that you remember and click “Continue” or simply choose the “I don’t know” option.

Google Password Reset

Step 4: Now Google will offer the basic password reset option. It will work when you forgot your Google account password but not when it’s hacked. It’s because the hacker may have already changed all those details so you won’t be able to recover using any of those options. Now the only way to recover the password is to use the “Verify your identity” option.

Verify Your Google Identity

Step 5: “Verify your identity” page takes you to an account verification process. So you have to verify your identity by answering multiple questions about your account.

Google Account Recovery Process

Google suggests you to answer the questions as accurately as possible (because the strength of your answers will determine if they can return your account or not) and if you’re not sure about something then you can provide your best guess.

Google Account Recovery Process

Though you’re allowed to skip these questions it’s very important.

Google Account Recovery Process

If you’re not sure about the date you started using Google services then you can even get help from your friends. For example, I can check the verification text messages sent by various mobile messenger apps to find the date I started using an app. Or I can find the date I started using an e-mail account by asking my friends to check the incoming messages from that e-mail account.

Google Account Recovery Process

If the information that you’ve provided matches with the information on the Google account then you will be able to reset the password. Otherwise Google will instantly notify you that the information you’ve provided does not match the information on the account. But you’re allowed to submit the form once again with more accurate information.

Let me know if you have a query regarding Gmail account recovery and I’ll do my best to assist you. :)

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    These tips really made my day. Thank you for sharing this helpful blogs in public. I know, many readers just like me, could and would appreciate this one. Again, thank you and i am looking forward for your next post.

  • fayaz

    Dear Sir,

    My two gmail account has been operating by unknown person i think he may found password and ID in a cafe since 2 month i want tor recover that or block please i need your help i can give you our all details.

    fayaz behalf of farhana seema.

    • Mahesh Mohan


      Please use the account recovery form at

      You need to give as much information as you can about those accounts. That is the name of labels created, approx date of registration, information about other Google products linked to those accounts, your most frequently used contacts etc.

      They review all applications manually and will guide you.


  • hemraj

    Dear Mahesh Sir
    My One Mail Id Was Hacked,
    What Should Be Do Recovery And My Mail Recovery Phon Number Is Lost

    Please Give Me Suggest And Tips

    • Mahesh Mohan


      You can use the recovery form and enter as much details as you can about your account. Like approx. date of account creation, old passwords, gmail account labels, etc.

      And see if they’re able to validate your account information.


  • vithal walikar

    someone has Hacked my gmail ID he had changed my password and cell number in that g mail, what shoud i do to recover my gmail accout
    Please Suggest me

    • Mahesh Mohan


      I’m sorry to hear that… But like I mentioned above you should be able to recover your account by verifying your identity. You have to answer multiple questions about your account so that Google will verify that you’re a real owner and will assist you.

      Please read the above article and let me know if you require more assistance.



    thank you for your excellent support , my friend was created this email id for me when he was creating i was with him , the gmail account created in Dhaka Bangladesh , i had no enough information about internet i was using about 2years i created facebook suddenly 2010 my facebook and email was unable to log in and i was seeking help from my friend to recover but he doesnt answer me , still i am trying to recover but i am failing can you help me please ? i would be appreciate thank you again

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Oman,

      You can recover your email account only if you have enough information about it. I assume that he filled the information during signup so it’s difficult… but if you know the last few passwords, name of Gmail labels, approx. date of signup, etc. then you can try the recover form.

  • Iltaf Hussain

    Dear All:

    I think some one hack my i can not receive my email .I dont know what happend with my account.Please help me .how to receive emails .Only inbox problem,remaining is normal.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      What do you mean by “Only inbox problem,remaining is normal.”? If your account is hacked then you won’t be able to login to your Google/Gmail account. So please clarify…

  • Siya

    My email id is hacked and iam not able to recover using password recovery page as it has been long since it has been unused. The password and recovery email is also changed .Please suggest how can i delete the email.Urgent.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Siya,

      Sorry to hear that… but I’m not sure about when you used the account last time… Try to send an e-mail to that e-mail id and see if it’s bouncing or not. If there’s no bounce mail then it mean the account is still active and is used by someone else. In that case, you have to use the same procedure and report Google that it’s your account by filling up the form as much as you can. If you are able to verify the account by providing personal information like name of labels that you have created, your top messaged contacts, etc. then you will get the account back or at least be able to block that account.

      Let me know if this helped or I’ll find a better solution if you give more details.

      Good luck!