Make Money Writing Articles: Top 25 Sites That Pay Upfront For Your Content

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First Published: June 25, 2012; Last Updated: Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Freelance Writing is one of the best way to make money online from home and you don’t even need a website to get started. That said, if you own a blog (or even a portfolio website) then it gives you instant credibility and a lot more exposure because you will be able to showcase your skills and your portfolio.

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If you check any of the Freelance sites (eLance, oDesk, Freelancer etc.) then you can see that Content Writing (Article Writing, Blog Writing, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Technical Writing, Web Content Writing etc.) is one of the top skills in demand. Freelance Writers are always in great demand. Why? Content is King. Period. But one problem with those Freelance sites is “Competition” as there are hundreds of thousands of other Freelance writers out there.

Now, How To Make Money Writing Articles Online?

Basically you’ve got two options: either you become a freelance writer and make money when you get clients or you can make money by contributing content to other websites. The first option needs a lot of patience and effort because unless you’ve got a proven track record it’s somewhat difficult to convince your clients. Contributing content to an article marketplace or to a relevant blog is somewhat easier than getting clients because you can sell your high quality content and get paid instantly.

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Top 10 Sites That Pay Upfront For Your Articles

Get Paid To Write Articles

So I’m going to introduce you the top 25 websites that pay upfront for your articles. Just contribute articles to the following sites and get paid for that. It’s that simple! If your article is rejected then you can try the article marketplaces (see below) and get paid instantly.

1. Yahoo! Voices

Yahoo! Voices

  • Alexa Rank: 4
  • Google PageRank: 7

The Yahoo! Contributor Network allows writers, photographers, and videographers to share their knowledge and passion with hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Find your audience and earn money by publishing your unique perspectives on Voices and other Yahoo! sites. You can choose your own topics and can earn money through up-front payments, exclusive assignments, and performance bonuses based on the traffic your work receives.


  • Alexa Rank: 79
  • Google PageRank: 7

With over 55 millions visitors per month is one of the most popular content network with millions of articles. If you’re an experienced writer then you can apply to become a topic writer. offers the highest payout to its writers.

3. Break Studios

Break Studios

  • Alexa Rank: 1,525
  • Google PageRank: 6

You can contribute content to Break Studios and make money writing. They provide you the titles for each article and you write the content. Once your article is approved & published you will be notified and will be paid via PayPal at the end of every month. Your articles will be published on highly trafficked Break Studios’ websites including,,,, &

4. wiseGEEK


  • Alexa Rank: 3,485
  • Google PageRank: 6

wiseGEEK offers free and clear answers to common questions in almost all niches (500+ topics) with over 15 million readers every month. They pay writers per article. Currently wiseGEEK pay $10 to $14 depending on the article. You get paid via PayPal and there is no fee as they cover the PayPal fees.

5. eCopywriters


  • Alexa Rank: 299,000
  • Google PageRank: 4

eCopywriters hires copywriters to assist their clients in creating quality content. They’re looking for only professional copywriters. You can earn up to $25 per hour for basic writing projects. They have different levels of writers and top level writers earn as much as $0.30 per word. eCopywriters’ projects include TV & Radio Commercials, SEO Content, Blogs, Press Releases, Ads, Sales Letters, Business Letters & Plans and more.

6. Love To Know

Love To Know

  • Alexa Rank: 11,461
  • Google PageRank: 5

If you’re from US then you can contribute high quality articles in the niche Money & Finance, Shopping, Fashion, Beauty, Technology, Home Improvement etc. to LoveToKnow and they pay upfront for your article. LoveToKnow offers the most useful information on the topics you want to know more about with over 2 million visits per month.

7. Demand Media Studios

Demand Media Studios

  • Alexa Rank: 16,762
  • Google PageRank: 5

If you’re a professional writer who lives in US, Canada or UK then try Demand Media Studios. Once you’re approved as a Writer then you can earn $15 to $25 or even more per article depending upon the quality of the article. Your articles are distributed to a network of premium publishers with a combined audience of over 100 million viewers. Example publishers include, LIVESTRONG.COM, and

8. Helium Content Source (formerly

Helium Content SourceHelium Content Source (formerly is a provider of content, web copywriting services, newsletters, advertorials, articles, whitepapers, blog posts, SEO content, etc. You can apply as a freelancer at Helium so that if you’re hired for one project then you can expect more work as you’ll be automatically considered for future projects. And with Helium Content Source, you can even get your content published in newsletters, print media, company blogs, print and web catalogs, etc.

9. Online Writing Jobs (formerly QualityGal)


Online Writing Jobs (formerly QualityGal) is a content creation service dedicated to providing their clients with the highest quality SEO content. QualityGal accepts writers from all over the world and pays at least $12 per article (average of $12 and a maximum of $50) depending upon the quality of content. Payment for completed and accepted articles is made via PayPal or Check every week.

10. Words of Worth

Words of Worth

Words of Worth is content delivery company offering work to freelance writers in the US, UK and Canada. The payments for articles vary according to the length of the content and depends on other requirements as well. But they tell you what the payment is for every article before you accept it.

11. Scripted

ScriptedScripted is a content agency that allows businesses to hire bloggers and freelance writers to write blog posts, social media posts, and web content for their website. They haven’t mentioned anything about payouts but since they charge $49 to $59 for a blog post from their advertisers you should earn at least 50 to 70% of their fee.

12. WriterAccess

WriterAccessWriterAccess is a content marketplace that connects clients with freelance writers via the cloud. If you’re a professional writer, copywriter, blogger, or a journalist then you can apply as a freelance writer at WriterAccess. The payment depends upon your membership level and it’s pay-per-word. You can make 2 cents to $1 per word depending upon your “star level” and the client.

13. Internet Brands

Internet BrandsInternet Brands operates over 100 niche websites and they have over 100 million visits every month. So they are looking for writers in almost all niches like Health, Auto, Shopping, Finance, Law, Lifestyle, etc. You must be experienced and they will suggest the type of articles that they’re looking for based on the topic chosen by you.

14. BKA Content

BKA ContentBKA Content is a provider of SEO content to small businesses, corporations and agencies. You must be a U.S. citizen and must reside in U.S. to apply as a writer. And if your application is approved then you’ll get payments every 2 weeks via PayPal. They say their writers are making an average of $12 to $18 an hour but every new writer starts out at 1 cent per word.

15. BlogMutt

BlogMuttBlogMutt is a marketplace for crowdsourced content so if you’re a freelance writer then you can write blog posts for agencies and if they like your content then you get paid. Within their platform they also have a point system so that you get better paying jobs when your writer level is increased.

16. TopicBay

TopicBayTopicBay is a content marketplace that allows advertisers to buy unique content written by experienced freelance writers. You can showcase your portfolio to thousands of publishers and TopicBay will give you a complete set of tools and resources to make you a better writer.

17. Writtent

WrittentWrittent is a content marketing agency that provides businesses engaging blog posts and helps them to promote it. If you’re a native English speaker then you can become a freelance writer at Writtent. Since they’re charging advertisers 3–10 cents per word we can assume that they will pay at least 2–5 cents per word (or $10–$25) to freelancers.

18. Content BLVD

Content BLVDContent BLVD is another content platform that connects brands, publishers, and authors. You can submit your articles to Content BLVD and if a brand liked your content then they may buy it for a premium.

19. iWriter


At iWriter, you can make money writing articles for other people. You can register for free and can earn up to $15 per article via PayPal. Also, you can select the topics that you would like to write about and there’s no limit about how many articles you can submit.

20. Ghost Bloggers

Ghost BloggersGhost Bloggers is a marketplace for publishers to purchase high quality content from native English speaking writers. So if you live in the U.S. then you can submit your unique content and get paid if a buyer is interested in it. Basically you get $3.5 per 100 words or around $20 for 600 words but you’re also allowed to set your own prices for your articles. When you reach $25 in payouts you get the payment via PayPal.

Other Mentions

  • Crowd Content – they’re not accepting new writers but you can submit your information to be on the waiting list.
  • QualityText – they pay $2.8 per 100 words for U.S. writers and $1.8 per 100 words for Non-U.S. writers.
  • Fool Network – if you can write good investing related articles then they pay you $50 and if it’s an epic blog post then they pay you $100 per post.
  • Content Current – is another content marketplace where you will get writing tasks based on your skills profile.
  • Content Row – is a content marketing agency that also accepts your applications as writers.
  • Zerys – with their writer marketplace you get notifications when a new job that matches your profile is posted.
  • The News Hub – is a new invite only platform where you can write whatever you want, whenever you want, and get paid for it. If your application is approved then you will get $10 for every piece of content that’s in the top 10% (based on page views and up-votes). For example, if you write one piece that’s in the top-10% for a given month you’ll be paid $10, but if you write five pieces that are in the top-10% for a given month you’ll be paid $50.

BONUS: 6 Ad Revenue Sharing Sites

These websites share their ad revenue instead of paying upfront for your content. In other words, you submit your unique content to these websites and they place ads in it. So when they make money by selling ads they share it with you. While these websites are not so good for the long term it’s a good place to start and get some articles published so that you can show your work to potential clients.

21. Squidoo


  • Alexa Rank: 879
  • Google PageRank: 6

You can contribute articles to Squidoo and they place ads and split the revenue with you. You can make even more money by using affiliate links on products you recommend. Squidoo keeps 50% of the revenue and pays the rest to you via PayPal.

22. HubPages


  • Alexa Rank: 586
  • Google PageRank: 6

Just like Squidoo, you can contribute articles to HubPages and can earn money though advertising (Google AdSense, In-house Ad Program, Amazon,eBay). Every time someone views one of your article they display your ads 60% of the time.

23. Helium Network (formerly


Helium Network is home to writers who benefit from the valuable insight and support of our vast editorial community. Find your audience and earn money by publishing your knowledge-based articles on Helium Network’s 27 micro-sites. You can earn money through incentive payments, exclusive assignments and performance bonuses based on the traffic your work receives.

24. Bukisa


  • Alexa Rank: 50,139
  • Google PageRank: 4

Bukisa is a one stop shop for how-to, informational & educational content. It allows you to share your knowledge (by submitting articles) and earn money via Google AdSense when people engage with your content. Update: Bukisa is currently in a maintenance mode and is not accepting new content.

25. Triond


  • Alexa Rank: 14,392
  • Google PageRank: 5

Write original and unique content and submit to Triond. They publish your content on a website within their publishing network according to the target audience. When your content starts making money from ads they share 50% of the generated revenue with you.

26. Bubblews


  • Alexa Rank: 1,517
  • Google PageRank: 4

Bubblews is a patent pending community that enables users to contribute content to their website. They split the ad revenue with you so that you get paid for every page view, comment, like, social media share of your articles.

Need even more content revenue sharing sites? Try Experts Column, Bright Hub, Oboulo, Xomba, Families, Suite, and Looking For Clues.

Six Article Marketplaces

And if you’re looking for an article marketplace where you can sell your articles and make money then try Digital Point, Textbroker, Constant Content, Article Sale, Fiverr, Hire Writers, etc. They are the largest  and most established marketplaces to sell your content online. You can set your own prices and if a client likes your article then you get paid almost instantly. Also, if you can write high quality blog posts as a guest blogger then there are over 30 blogs that pay $50+ for your guest posts.

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While there are many sites that help you make money online through writing, dedication and patience are the keys to success. Not to forget quality! If you have the right skills, with little perseverance you will be able to establish yourself in the market and generate good income.

If any of the above mentioned sites have helped you or may help you make money online through writing, do share your experience in the comments section below.

Happy Freelancing!

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  • Nancy

    Best article ever read on freelance jobs

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    Forget about Triond and Constant Content getting articles published are almost impossible. You may as well bang your head against a concrete wall.

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    • Mahesh Mohan

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  • mandy

    I am from India but most of the sites just accept US based writer there are just 1 or 2 sites which accepts international writers but it is hard to apply for those.
    Now what to do.

    • Mahesh Mohan


      In that case you have,, and many more freelance websites. If you are a newbie then you can try and offer your content there. Later you can move on to freelance websites.

      – Mahesh

    • ramesh

      hey mandy ,
      If you are serious about making money you can checkFun2zoo
      .Its a indian base site and it pays you for writing articles though its a new one but will work for you.

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  • Deepti

    Almost all the websites provided here are for US writers only. Can you provide a list where the rest of the folks like us, Indians can accommodate?

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Deepti,

      You’re right they’re mostly for U.S. writers. Please try QualityGal as they accept non U.S. writers as well.

      If you really want to kickstart a writing career then start your own blog and I can help you on that [].

      ~ Mahesh

      • Connie Campbell

        I am interested in writing but I have never gone to school. How do i start, or better yet, where do I start? I am in such a hardship at the time that I am looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. If you could help me, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

        • Mahesh Mohan

          Hi Connie,

          Freelance writing is very competitive so unless you’re skilled it’s somewhat difficult to get a steady income. And I guess, it must be difficult for you to join the above websites as an author. But you can definitely try freelance websites like eLance, oDesk, and start from there. Good Luck! :)

  • Mukesh

    Great article dear, very deeply analyzed and well written,

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Thanks Mukesh! The only problem is that most of the above sites accept only U.S. writers. :)

  • Online Articles

    If you want to make money by writing online, you will improve on your writing skills. It’s one of the most central factors to making good money.

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    I checked the list but these are for US writers. what about European writers?

    hope you will provide that list too.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Some of the above sites accept global writers. Try Demand Media Studios and QualityGal.

  • Angel Luv

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    thanks, keep sharing knowledge through your posts.



    • Mahesh Mohan

      Sure! There is an upcoming post too for freelance writers.. Do subscribe and stay tuned! ;)

  • Indranil Chowdhury

    Hi Mahesh,
    Went through your article. Can you please tell me, at present, which websites are really best for the Indian writers? I am not interested in those websites where one is required to bid. I am interested in those websites that pay $10 and above per approved article as up-front payment to an Indian writer. Do you think you can help out a fellow countryman honestly? For your sincere efforts, I shall remain ever obliged to you.

    • Mahesh Mohan


      This guide [] should help you. Let me know if you have a query or need help.

      – Mahesh

  • michael

    I Think is great platform For Earning Money online. They Are Also Providing 0.5$ For Join And Earning Are Calculated By Article View And Article Comments. So It’s Big Platform And I Suggest All people For This Site. So Enjoy Writing On And Still Earn.

    • Kohila is a nice site but it is not providing check as a payment method. Can anyone tell me some sites that pay through check. I know 2 sites : and Any other sites which provide check as a payment method.

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    I agree with Nancy, this is the best article I have found about making money by writing articles. You have given us such great information/resources for getting started and I really appreciate it.
    Keep up the great work,

  • deepa

    It would be nice if you included There are many who rant and rave but they are copycats. A lot of people are being paid every single day and it is the most happening site now.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Will check it out and add to the list on the next update.

      • Reno Berkeley

        It sucks. They never paid me and never responded to my emails.

  • Kohila is a great site for Indians to earn money. We can get appromately Rs. 100 [1.5 dollars] for every quality article submitted. A very true and good site. Add to your list too.

  • Murtaza

    Can one submit one’s article(s) to more than one of the above websites, even if an article is approved by one? Do these websites require that you give them the right to your article, EXCLUSIVELY, or are we permitted to sell/share to multiple sites?

    Thank you, Mahesh, for the wonderful information by the way!

    • Mahesh Mohan

      No, you can’t. All the above websites are quality networks so they won’t approve duplicate content in any case. So you can’t submit a single article to multiple websites. But you can always try the next service if the first website denied your content.

  • Jatin

    Hi Mahesh,

    I came to your post as I was trying to find some good article sites which can generate relevant traffic for my websites. But I founded your comments more interested.

    Why one earth I would like to post awesome content on some other site when I can earn a lot by promoting your site. EX- I write articles on a city A. If I am writing useful, resourceful and most important interesting content than sooner or later my site will naturally rank even on the city name. Have done on 1 :)

    Now I have the opportunity to contact local business for adds on my site.

    That’s my view. Would love to hear yours.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, you can always do that. The only problem is it takes time to build traffic…. people prefer freelance writing ‘coz it’s quick money. For example, I write an indepth blog post – say 2000 words. If I publish that post on my blog and is using only AdSense or other ad networks then it takes several months to make $200 or say $500 from that single article. So what if someone is interested in that content and is willing to pay me $300? That’s quick money. So it’s all up to you. :)

  • haopee2

    Ah yes, non-US residents problem. The first time I tried looking for a writing job, I went to Odesk.

    Let’s just say that my careers as an Odesker never picked up. I still wanted to write which is when I came across I was glad that the site was open for non-US residents… and there wasn’t any membership fee. Payment is upon approval of client.

    Mind you, the pay was horrendous at first. I got paid a dollar for writing a 150 word article. So it didn’t matter if you were writing a stellar article, the price was limited to what category you belonged. Fortunately, I didn’t give up on it so fast. After becoming a premium writer, it was a whole lot easier to get good articles and good clients.

    So for those who don’t know where to start, drop by

    • Mahesh Mohan


      Thanks for the feedback and review of iWriter. I’ll feature that website when I update this list.

      Thank you.

      • haopee2

        Glad to hear.

        Hope you don’t mind me making me a suggestion, is it alright if you also mentioned if a certain website is also open for both US and Non-US residents?

        • Mahesh Mohan

          Sure thing! I realized that mistake later only… so when I wrote a similar post [] I verified each and every website before featuring here… And I’ll update this list as well when I edit it next time so that it saves others time. Once agian I thank you. :)

          • haopee2

            One more thing… I read some of the comments above :) Just some additional information on the sites’ cashouts…

            I’ve never reached the cashout at . I think it’s at $25 and you earn when someone views your writeup, comments on it or likes/dislikes it. I’ve never reached the $3 mark in it.

            As for Hubpages, I’ve never even qualified past Adsense the application because you need to have a substantial amount of content on the site before they even consider you. -.-

            In iWriter (at not the Mac software one. LOL), the minimum is at $20 via Paypal (Fortunately, not limited to Moneybookers/Skrill).

            Also, I don’t think is still open for revenue sharing anymore.

          • Reno Berkeley

            Bubblews is a scam. They’ve failed to pay out to writers many, many times, and have deleted writers who complained. They have virtually no customer service to speak of, and no one responds to email inquiries about where their money is after cashing out. There is nothing to show how much money you’ve earned there; no “previous earnings,” no “previous cashout” page…nothing. So, you click the icon to get paid and your dollar amount owed disappears into the ether. They owe a LOT of people money.

            Bottom line: Don’t waste your time with Bubblews.

    • Scott Yates

      One note about BlogMutt: you are required to live in the US. If you lie on the application they will eventually find out and you will not get paid for your work.

      • Mahesh Mohan

        Thank you Scott for the update…

        • Scott Yates

          We keep getting writers applying after clicking the link here. Can you please note in the body of the post that you MUST be living in the US to work for BlogMutt? Thanks.

          • Mahesh Mohan

            Sorry for the trouble, Scott! I’m in process of server migration. But I’ll will update your listing as soon as possible. Now I’m featuring your comment here to avoid as much non-targeted leads as possible. :)

  • Kristin Ward

    I love writing and its great making money off of doing it. I personally use Yahoo Contributor and for my articles since you don’t have to wait until you hit $100 for a cash out like with google adsense, however you can often post articles on multiple sites, however most sites pay more for articles that are only posted on their site.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      The problem is quality…. As you can see.. Top 3 Article Writer Earnings are just Patrick M. – $ 1, Charles F. – $ 0.97, and Alexandra R. – $ 0.363.

  • http://facebook.Com Sanish saxena

    Mahesh ji how can i earn money by online jobs like survey or ad posting.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Unfortunately, I don’t think that it works now… Most of them are scams or low quality or something that’s not sustainable. Think about real online jobs that involve some skills to get a steady income – whether it’s writing, or designing, or coding, etc.

  • Joseph

    I’m really curious as to what the best websites are to go to so I can promote my very best articles and just make residual income with the same articles on each website? Awesome webpage, btw. One of the best I’ve seen!

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Try where you can license your content to brands.

      • Ahmed Hassan

        What is the response…yes or no ?
        i did not understand anything of the link
        thanks for interest

        • Mahesh Mohan


          If they’re interested in your content then they will host the content on their website and will pay you on a monthly basis. It’s different from republishing since the article on your page will redirect to their sponsor’s page (who is currently hosting that content).

  • anmol

    hello sir i want to know how i can make online money and which sites provide this servise im from india

  • jay

    what if i wrote the same article on each site?

    • Mahesh Mohan

      It’s simply not allowed… You can only submit the article to a website only if it’s not published anywhere else. So you submit to a website and if they denied then you can submit the same article to another website.

  • tlph

    Thank you for this invaluable information. I am just getting started in the freelance writing business and it has helped me tremendously. I have written for Yahoo Contributor Network, but assignments at this time seems to be at a slow period. I have applied with a few of the others and am waiting to hear back. Just a note, WiseGeek is not accepting new writers at this time, or at least that’s the notice I got when I applied.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      My pleasure! :)

      And hey, if you’re starting your freelance writing business then I would really recommend “The Freelance Writer’s Handbook” @ It’s got a lot of resources to kick-start your freelance writing business.

  • Stacy

    Scripted pays writers between $27 and $52 per article depending on length. They pay 15th and 30th of the month and use as a payment processor. Thanks for the post. There are a couple on here that I had missed.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Stacy,

      Thanks for that! But do you have any reference? If so, please mention the link and I’ll be happy to update their description. Also, please mention the sites that are missing here and I will add it to the list on the next update. :)

      • Stacy

        No reference to link back to. Came from a CS response to my email to them literally 4 days ago. I didn’t mean you had missed any, I had missed signing up for a few that you have listed so I was thanking you. :)

        • Mahesh Mohan

          Aha! Thank you! Was a bit confused.. My bad… ;)

          Will update the description of Scripted with your input when I update this post.

  • Incluvision

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  • Emily Demicelli

    I can write short stories. What advice can you give? Surprisingly, in INDIA.

    • Mahesh Mohan


      It’s somewhat difficult to get high paying writing jobs in India for two reasons – 1st, huge competition and 2nd, they prefer native English speakers. So the best way is by starting your own blog to showcase your writing skills…. And by the way, I’m not so sure about “short stories” market. But if it’s about blogging then the above strategy would work.

  • Jessica

    This is fantastic, and as someone who really wants to get into the freelancing business I’m definitely going to look at a lot of these place. Has anyone here ever heard anything about I’ve been looking at working for them but I want to ask people who have actually worked for them what it’s like. Does anyone have any knowledge about this company?

    • Mahesh Mohan


      It looks good.. but appears like they’re new the market. Anyways the website looks professional to me so one can definitely try.

  • Vivec

    Hello Mr. Mohan :)

    I am from Poland, I am currently unemployed because of crazy country situation (almost 50% unemployment, and those who work can’t afford living mostly).

    I managed to sold ONE article for about 12 PLN (around 4USD, its considered as medium-good per hour in Poland).

    However, most of polish websites are very unfriendly when it comes to writing or freelancing. They usually prefer people with university diploma and God-only-knows how big experience.

    Do You maybe know of any website like Scripted, but without country restrictions? I’ll be very glad for informations :). I am looking for any English or Polish websites like that. Currently trying my luck at which is made for Poles.

    I don’t have to make a whole living from it, but because im unemployed it would be useful anyways than just sitting on my butt waiting for answer for my CV.
    Have a nice day!

  • JustOneComment

    helium just went belly up

  • Mahesh Mohan

    So that’s sad… I will make the changes as soon as possible. Thanks for the update! :)

  • Mahesh Mohan


    I’m not sure about Poland specific websites… if you’re good at writing then maybe you can try the websites that pays for guest posts But you must be able to deliver high quality content… Unlike content networks, blogs usually accept international writers. If you can deliver good content then they don’t care about your nationality.

    You can check out There are a lot of freelance resources out there.

    Cheers! :)

  • Puneet

    Please throw light on

    • Mahesh Mohan

      It’s just an article directory where you can contribute content.

  • indira singh

    what is “paypal”…I didn’t get it, how m I gonna b paid for my article??
    and is it difficult or competitive to enter sites which pay high like or yahoo etc.. ??

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Indira,

      It’s an online money transfer service + an online payment processing platform. With PayPal, you can send money to almost anyone with an e-mail id, instantly!

      You can check for more details. And it’s totally free to sign up! And you can sign up even if you don’t have a credit card.

      Yes, it’s difficult to get into Yahoo or unless you have a good experience. Also, please note that Yahoo pays for U.S. citizens only. Anyone can contribute content to Yahoo but to get paid they must be a citizen of U.S.

  • furqan

    most of the sites are for uk or usa nationalty holders or those countries people not for asians even asians countries names are not mentioned their so how i can do work their place some sites for asian like india pakistan

    • Mahesh Mohan

      That won’t be a problem when you want to work with a blog.. as long as you can deliver quality content. You have to show them why you’re the best.

  • Sayanani Majumdar

    Hi Mahesh. Thanks a lot for the useful info. I am mostly into creative writing, but want to try my hands at freelancing, too. Could you suggest a good site where even newbies can apply?( I don’t have a blog)

    • Mahesh Mohan


      I’m not so versed with creative writing. But if it has demand (like on Freelance websites) then yes, a blog will definitely help. If you want to start a blog then I can help too. You can contact me here and I’ll get back to you with a custom plan:

  • Marco

    I wanted to know if one of this sites allow you to write a lot, i need to earn a bit of money, and i dont have problems delivering quality content. If possible something that its worldwide since i dont live in Usa or UK, i live in Italy

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Can you show me some of your sample work? Maybe I can suggest a better marketplace.

      • Mukund Kolhatkar

        I have also the same issue as Marco says.
        I will email you some of my sample work. Please suggest a better marketplace for me as well.

        • Mahesh Mohan

          Sure! I will check and give you my feedback.

  • Eloise Hickman

    Just one question: I love writing and want to do freelance writing online, however I am only 17 years old. Is there an age restriction for the websites? It’s not a huge issue as I’m 18 in October, but I’m just curious.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Well, to receive payments age may be a problem. But if you’re just kick-starting your writing career then it doesn’t matter.. your passion and curiosity is what matters the most. Go ahead! :)

  • yousufatik

    Thank you for your important information. I am just getting started in the freelance writing business and it has helped me tremendously. I have written for Yahoo Contributor Network, but assignments at this time seems to be at a slow period.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, first you have to establish yourself as an expert writer to get high paying gigs. So yes, getting few published on various content platforms is a good way to start. Otherwise, you’re not actually giving a reason to hire you when there are 100s of 1000s of other freelance writers.

  • Mala Papachan

    Hi Mahesh, please may I compliment you on your hard work for compiling this list as there are numerous other writing websites delivering basic or common sense knowledge. Did you get your inspiration from another website? Also, I like your style it’s very simple, organised, and in a easy to understand format. By the way, I am sure you are very busy but if you do have some spare time, the list needs tweaking and updating as some no longer exist. Just to let you know, under keyword “web article writing” > you rank 3rd on Google Page 1. Well done to you!!

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Mala,

      Thanks a ton! :)

      Actually I first compiled this list for fun and to help a friend to find good paying writing gigs. But eventually when I got more such sites I began to curate it and now because of the emails and comments that’s coming in.. I’m thinking about offering more value to freelancers or future freelancers by creating offering an in-depth guide. But I find it extremely difficult to write, update, and maintain lists myself as I’m not a professional writer. :(

      But yes, it’s something on my to-do list that I’m thinking seriously. Finally, yes, I do update all my blog posts whenever I get a chance… because almost all the topics that I select are timeless topics. The only problem is… it makes publishing new topics difficult.

      Once again I really appreciate your feedback. :)

  • damien auksorius

    Hi my name is damien Auksorius , I’d love to do some freelance writing online , I’m good at writing about anything to do with solar panel installation , feel free to leave me a reply , thanks kindly

  • GraceTruth69

    Greetings Mahesh Mohan. This is a great article to help
    those who want to write articles and get paid money doing so. I appreciate how
    you mentioned many websites and place them on here neatly. I have several
    questions. In consideration of the websites that you mentioned, what are the
    rules concerning resubmitting articles to various websites (not only to one of
    them). For example, if I sold something on Helium Network, would I be able to
    resell it on Hubpages? Also, what is the average amount of words that these
    websites require? I know that each one has its own requirement. What do you
    think is the average amount? I heard that Examiner.Com is another website in
    which people can get paid for writing. Do you know if this is true or not?

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Grace,

      Thanks for that! :)

      To answer your question: no, you’re not allowed to republish an article once it’s published unless you contributed the content to a forum or a content platform. When they hire you to write an article then in most cases they own the copyright so you’re not allowed to republish on another website. But if they rejected your article then you can freely contact another website and submit it there. I’m not sure about as I’m not into freelance writing but I love to do it someday. :)

      So I unable to comment about a specific website since I don’t have much details about these websites. But yes, I try to make this list as fresh as possible and whenever I get something to add to a list I do it to make this list more comprehensive and useful.

  • Mysterious Ness

    Hey Mahesh! Thank you for blessing me with all of the great resources and specific information! Knowledge is power!.. And I do beleive that you have just changed my life forever. Thank you. God bless.

  • Mahesh Mohan

    Thank you! I’m glad that I could help you. :)

  • Margaret

    Hi Mahesh, There are few things that are just incorrect. Quality gal is still interested in only US. Helium has stopped paying. Wise geek is not hiring since 2013 and yahoo voices only has a revenue share model for people outside US. They don’t pay upfront. However, this is a good list one can keep for reference.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Margaret,

      Thanks for pointing them out… I will update the list as soon as I can to reflect those changes. And yes, you’re right about the purpose of this blog post… I first wrote this when I noticed few websites that was paying for contributing content and then I did an extensive research and sorted the best of them as I thought it would be a good starting point for new writers. :)

  • Sandra Harriette

    As of August 31st, 2014 Y!CN won’t be active anymore. Sucks.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, just received their mail. BTW, thanks a lot for updating the community here. :)

      And let it go.. I’ll soon update this post with new writing opportunities.

      • Sam

        Yes, YCN is going to leave… If something similar to YCN exists out there will be great to know. Nearly half a million writers are looking for that since YCN is no more .

        • Mahesh Mohan

          Sure! I’ll update the above list with more exciting offers soon.

          • Ree

            Any news on a YCN substitute as yet?

          • Mahesh Mohan

            Not yet! As far as I understand they are permanently shutting down the YCN program. But I’m in process of updating this list but don’t have a timeline though.

    • Renea

      It does! Where will you be taking your content?

  • Chris

    There’s also
    It doesn’t offer upfront payments, nor is it your typical rev-sharing site. It’s kinda like HubPages or Bubblews (you still own your content), and you earn passive income as long as the post is published, but earnings on Pukitz are not based on traffic, likes, comments, ad clicks, etc.
    You earn 50 cents per post per month on every single post. So whether your post gets 1,000 views or 0 views (ZERO!), you still get paid 50 cents for every single post, every single month.

  • Japes

    Hi, I am a UK based non professional writer. I have written a few things here and there but have no idea where or to whom I should pitch my ideas and as such they sit in a folder on my desktop until they are out of date. I write (among many other things) television/film reviews and recently wrote 1500 words on Showtimes ‘Californication,’ from a quasi feminist perspective (poking fun not giving a sermon). It celebrates the show but at the same time encourages reflection on how we use (female) nudity to establish audience reactions to/perceptions of characters. Any suggestions as to where/who might be interested in this sort of review?

    • Mahesh Mohan


      I think it’s the primary problem of all those who can write really well. When it comes to freelance writing you should remember two things: it’s extremely competitive as there are 1000s of other freelance writers who are ready to deliver content on demand. Second would be, you need a proven track record. Ask yourself, why should someone hire you when there are 1000s of others who are already popular with strong portfolio.

      So new freelance writers should establish themselves by focusing on their personal brand. You must focus on quality writing and may even have to write content for free in exchange for credibility. I think this blog post of mine gives better insights though it’s pending an update.

      If it didn’t help you then let me know and I’ll be happy to go deeper. :)

      • Japes

        Hi Mahesh, Thanks very much for this response and I apologise for only replying myself now, (I have been very busy with a dissertation and travel). I agree there is probably only a very small amount of opportunity for new writers, regardless of talent, to break into this field. There just isn’t room for everyone! But thanks again for taking the time to respond to my query.

  • D. R. Chazan

    Both Helium and Yahoo are closed to new articles. Please update this.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      I’m sorry about that.. but I’m still in process of updation.

  • Anne Sewell

    You really need to update this list. There are several not accepting new writers and some are gone altogether. Plus it would be nice if you could state above the ones that have to be US based writers.

  • Mahesh Mohan


    I’m really sorry about it. Yes, it’s pending an update and I’m trying to update the list this month. Appears like I’ve to review all the websites featured here once again so as to make it more useful and up-to-date.

    • Anne Sewell

      Thanks Mahesh. It wasted a lot of time for me today.. :)

      • Mahesh Mohan

        I’m really sorry about that… When I update the list I will notify you. :)

  • Paul Ames

    Great and well organized article, in it you mention it must be updated. When will you have an update posted, if I may ask?

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Paul,

      I’m trying to update the list this month. In process of collecting more and more resources for that…

      • Paul Ames

        Thanks, look forward to seeing the update, will I get the email if I have subscribed?

        • Mahesh Mohan


          It depends… if it’s edited then you won’t get the notification. But if it’s republished (with current date) then you will get a notification.

          But hey, I will personally notify you when it’s done. :)

  • Reno Berkeley

    I used to write for Break Studios. They haven’t had content available for writers in two years.

  • Mahesh Mohan

    Thank you Reno! I will use the feedback when I update the list. Yes, this article needs an update though it was updated recently.

  • Ankit Kharwade

    I’m from India and it’d be good if any indian based blog or website is doing the same. But I need your guidance for that. Thanks for the article.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Ankit, this article is not exactly a job marketplace. It’s good to treat it as a starting point. I also recommend When I wrote this post I had listed around 10 sites only. But when I started getting emails regarding that post… I did a lot of research and increased the number of paid gigs to 25. But the problem is… we can’t say who is going to accept whom. It’s all about you and your writing and pitching skills. Like, your experience, research ability, social media influence, etc.

  • Cari Jean

    While researching sites to start writing for, I came across your list. I applied to write at iWriter, WrittenT, Writer Access and Online Writing Jobs and have been making money with them for the past couple of months. So Thanks! Also, when you make your updates, you might want to add Writers Domain. It’s a pretty popular site for writers where some pretty good money can be made.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Thanks Cari! Yes, when I update the list all the feedback that I received here will be taken into account.

  • Jeanette Lawrence

    That’s a good list but can you make a list of those websites in which we write stories and we get paid. When you’ll make the list, can you please send it to my email: *** . Thanks @maheshone:disqus!

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Jeanette,

      You can subscribe to this blog by using the subscription form (on the sidebar) so that you will get an email notification whenever I publish a new blog post.

  • Andrea M

    Yahoo got rid of Yahoo Voices

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, I will remove Yahoo on the next update.

  • narendra

    In the articles above all those should be filtered out like for ecopywriters work is only for US citizen,for some UK.I am from india ,sir.what would be helpful in your articles that I can make money online from india.waiting with eager

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, I understand.. the upcoming update of this blog post should help you.

      • Prathima

        Hey is the Updated Blog post ready for an Indian writers???

        • Mahesh Mohan

          Not yet… the problem is I have to rewrite the whole blog post. That’s why it’s delaying. :(

  • sherree

    That was all very useful information for me as someone new to the writing world. Thanks for your effort Mahesh :)

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Thank you, Sherree. :)

  • di

    Squidoo are rubbish I would not recommend writing for them at all. They just rip you off and you earn nothing.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure that only the quality sites remain in this list on the next update.

  • Paul C Amatangelo

    Thanks for this excellent update, will check into these sites. What do you think about and ?

    • Mahesh Mohan


      I’m not active on any of these Freelance sites but personally I prefer Elance because of better quality users.

  • Paul C Amatangelo

    Oops, this was not an update was it? Since I just got a new version, thought that it was.

  • Jackson

    I just got involved with a new startup,, which is looking for early adopters, for its January 2015 launch. The site is focused on giving writers a publishing platform and easy to use analytics tools to help broaden their reach.

    The goal of the site is to become an online portfolio for writers, while sharing ad revenue on published articles 50/50 with its members. The company promised full transparency with its ad revenue to allow give writers a sense of partnership with the site.

    Check it out, if you have a few minutes:

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Looks good.

      Good luck on your new venture.

  • Coral Levang

    Bubblews is having a lot of people who are complaining now of payments being delayed much longer than what they say. They say within 30 days; I have a payment of more than $75 that is still unpaid at day 50. Others are sharing the same stories. Definitely seems like a cash-flow problem, and their “customer service/communication” leaves much to be desired.

  • Mike Sobol

    Hi There,

    I am the CMO of Content BLVD. Please remove Content BLVD from your list. Our business model no longer involves hiring writers. We did have a freelance portion of our business at one point, but that has changed.


  • David Trounce

    This is an excellent list of articles writing sites that pay. The trouble is that most sites keep changing their policies and pricing and that makes it hard to keep up. If you want to write online for money, I suggest you pick one or two sites that suite your niche or writing style and develop a strong ongoing relationship with them. This has worked for me and stops the endless search and application to every new article writing site that pops up.

  • Mahesh Mohan

    Thanks for the update Mike.

    I’ll remove your listing as soon as possible.

    • Mike Sobol

      Thanks Mahesh. I appreciate it!

  • Mahesh Mohan

    Ooops! That’s sad.. but have you tried any other networks?

  • Mahesh Mohan

    Great insights and advice. And I absolutely agree with you that all these websites are changing the program terms every now and then. In fact, within few weeks of publishing this blog post some of the listing became obsolete and others changed their terms.

  • ajay

    can you tell me the best earning sites similar to bubblews

  • Hillsteadinc

    Yahoo contributor network has been shutdown and squidoo merged into hubpages FYI

  • Mahesh Mohan

    Yes, I know and it happened soon after I updated this article. :(

  • Mahesh Mohan

    I don’t have any as of now but I will make sure that it’s there when I update this post.

  • Mahesh Mohan

    That’s okay. :)

    Let me know if you’ve another query or need some specific information related to freelancing.

  • Janelle Coulton

    Perhaps Scott if that information was displayed clearly on the site so people would see it, I know I had to go looking for it and in the end I did not find it. Maybe I am blind, but a blogger friend told me that it was only for US writers, certainly not your site, well not that I could see. I could be wrong, I may have missed it entirely, but I do have a pretty good eye for detail and this is also one of my bug bears, that certain sites do not make it obvious that they only want US writers. Regards

    • Mahesh Mohan


      Most of these websites are not displaying enough information on the landing page and it’s taking a lot of time for us to collect the details.

  • Janelle Coulton

    It is there, but I had to search and it required me to click the link to join and read their blog. The thing is people are not going to click the link to join if they are not sure whether they are even allowed to work at the site. Just my 2 cents for the day.

  • Keith Richards

    Hello! this is my first time here as I am seeking out information on how to get started as a writer of short stories articles, blogs, poems and lyrics. I have been writing since the age of twelve years old with first horrible little story; Base 10. A Sci-Fi non – thriller! I was just a kid writing by the radiant light of a black and white television screen in the wee hours of night. Today at age forty six I hope to be a little more apt to write greater things? How to begin and open doors is what I am eager to discover; any thoughts or tips out there?

  • Mahesh Mohan

    Hi Keith,

    You should read the resources listed here to get started:

  • Thiagarajan TVS

    Hi Mahesh,
    My passion is to write on spirituality, particularly on meditation
    as this is going to be the universal therapy to survive on this earth.
    Are you surprised or shocked? God`s plan is overhaul the hellish
    earth that we all collectively made it to be. He is going ahead with
    His plans with strategic and systematic approach. Climate change
    is a misnomer. God spoke to number of authors more than a decade
    ago about the revamp of the earth. His words having fallen on deaf
    ears, He is now unleashing the tools to demonstrate His powers.
    Where can I publish my article? Can you please suggest me?
    Thiagarajan TVS
    Meditation Guide

    • Mahesh Mohan

      I’m planning a blog post to showcase the platforms where you can show your work. Please subscribe to the blog and you will get it when it’s out.

      • Thiagarajan TVS

        Thanks a lot Mahesh.
        Thiagarajan TVS

  • Scott @


    My company hire good quality UK based freelance writers. We commission articles on a variety of subjects and we pay very respectable rates.

    Contact me at for more info.

  • Sphinx Gamer

    Hey everyone! Just trying to do a little self-promotion here real quick but this is relevant to the article.

    If anyone here is a video gamer, my site Sphinx Gamer pays flat rate for original, quality articles. Minimum 500 words for $20, payment increases by $5 for every 100 words after.

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    Fill out and submit the form near the bottom of the page if interested and get started making some cash writing on video games today! Thanks!

  • Ronak Kakkad

    Mahesh, thank you for the article, the issue is that most of the sites require US or UK citizens as their writers, and I being an Indian, found hardly a few that I could benefit from. Could you please give us a list of sites where probably Indians, like me, can do free-lance writing/content work?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Aaron Moraes

    Do these websites offer jobs from which I can submit articles online?
    Like the pay doesn’t matter, but just for a starter in this particular segment?

  • Sujatha G

    Thanks Mr. Mahesh. This is an excellent post and a great treasure. I stumbled upon once and I have been stumbling upon ever since. I have been blogging since 2010 in my language(tamil) and in English. I thought I can come out of my bubble and try my writing elsewhere, but all I faced was disappointment, because I’m not a native english speaker. Most of the writing websites out there, want their writer to be native english speaker. Fortunately I got an opportunity to write in Hub Pages. But problem with Hub Pages is it is a community. In order for your writing to get noticed, you have to read other people posts and comment on them. Anyway, I will try the websites you have mentioned here.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, most of these websites are actually looking for native English speakers. This article is pending an update since long time and it’s in process. Today, I just published another article to supplement the information on this blog post @

      The update of this article is delaying as it requires a total revamp.

  • Bubbleused

    As someone who has been on Bubblews for some time, I want to warn against using the site. They keep lowering their rates without warning, have dropped many countries from the list of those eligible to post, and most recently decided they would not payout any redemptions made before 11 November. And redemptions sent in after that time frame have, almost entirely, been cut in half prior to payout.

  • Fazal Hakim Khan

    Mahesh, it is really a great work but the problem is that these sites look for native English speakers and this really sucks. Not being a native, they will rake you over the coals.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, I agree. A good percentage of the above websites accept only U.S. writers. But I will categorize it on the next update.

  • Jessica

    Thanks so much for all this info. I’ve been wanting to give freelance writing a try and here’s my chance!

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Fantastic! But remember, if you’re just starting freelance writing then you may find it difficult to get into any of these websites. As I have already mentioned, my idea was to highlight some websites so that it can act as a starting point to wanna-be writers. If you are passionate about freelance then don’t miss the resources @ as it gives you a better picture of freelance writing.

      Good luck!

      • Jessica O’Brien

        Thanks, Mahesh!!

  • http://TaylorSwiftSucksAss.Com/ MuhWerds


  • Jack Arnett

    I agree with MuhWerds, GHOSTBLOGGER Stole my work as well. They are thieves.

  • Malcolm Cox

    I like Cracked, The Daily Heckle and WhatCulture. You can pretty much write about what interests you, and they pay you upfront. Unfortunately, there are a few dodgy sites on your list, that will mess about with payments and ask for countless edits. Oh, and Squidoo is no longer; it has been swallowed up by Hubpages!

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Malcolm,

      Thanks for the feedback and I do understand. I have already started working on an updated list of sites that pays writers.

      I will categorize the whole list and will remove all the sites that are obsolete.

  • Theo J Ellis

    Great, in depth article. i enjoyed the content and the massive amount of recommendations.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Thank you, Theo! :)

  • Kennito

    Bubblews is not suppose to be on this list anymore, it kind of sucks

  • Dario Bruce

    Thank You for the article. It was a good read.