How To Create Beautiful Pricing Tables In WordPress

Beautiful Pricing Tables

You have seen those beautiful comparison or pricing tables in some WordPress blogs. But WordPress by default don’t have an option to create a table. Now, if you have a self-hosted WordPress blog (i.e. and want to create a beautiful price table then I have found few awesome plugins which do that.

Insert tables using Windows Live Writer

If you’re using Windows Live Writer to publish your blog then you can create/insert SIMPLE tables pretty easily and nicely without requiring any HTML/coding skills. Tables created via Windows Live Writer looks like:

Sample Table Created by Windows Live Writer

Column 1, Row 1Column 2, Row 1Column 3, Row 1
Column 1, Row 2Column 2, Row 2Column 3, Row 2
Column 1, Row 3Column 2, Row 3Column 3, Row 3

If you’re not using Windows Live Writer then you can use the WordPress plugins WP-Table Reloaded or Easy Table. These plugins enables you to create and manage tables in posts, pages or widgets in easy way using CSV format. Or try Websimon Tables which lets you to create, manage and design tables. You can choose readymade skins or make your own custom CSS designs.

How To Create Price Tables In WordPress

I was looking for a way to create beautiful tables in WordPress and I knew that it requires coding and design skills. But I never actually thought that there were plugins even for that. From my research I found two interesting plugins that creates pricing tables (or comparison tables) on WordPress blogs with zero coding skills.

Pricing Table

Pricing Table

WordPress Pricing Table plugin helps you to create beautiful pricing tables in the easiest and dynamic way. It lets you to place tables on WordPress posts or pages by using Short Codes. See Screenshots here. Now, if you’re really serious then you can try Pricing Plugin Pro which offers 16 different styles.

WordPress Pricing Table Plugin Features:

  • Drag and drop package (column) re-ordering
  • Drag and drop feature (row) re-ordering
  • Unlimited column support
  • “Feature” column option highlights a price package
  • 2 different table templates – “green” and “gray”
  • Translation ready

Price Table

Price Table

WordPress Price Table plugin lets you to create a clean price table with an easy to use builder and an attractive design. You can insert the table on any post or page using Short Codes. See Screenshots here.

WordPress Price Table Plugin Features:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Clean, minimal design

Need some inspiration to design your own tables? Check out 40 Fantastic Pricing Table designs.

  • Kunnu

    It is possible to add a icon on pricing table? I am using WordPress..

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Not sure about Pricing Table. But yes it’s possible for “Price Table”. You can use HTML Codes in fields. So try that for Pricing Table plugin as well.

  • Paras Sharma

    Well thanks, one of the useful post for those who want to turn wordpress blog into some kind of services selling site.

    but the tables designed from windows live writer can also be achieved through excel sheet.

    what i mean to say is design your table with data in excel sheet and copy and paste it to wordpress and you are done.

    many thanks for sharing

  • Adhitya Chandra

    Is it possible to add image in pricing table?
    I really appreciate if you make a review about it at your next blog post. Thanks.