Here’s How To Save Your Blogging Time By At Least 30%


As bloggers we take a lot of time formatting a blog post to customize it the way we want. I bet you don’t take much time for writing however it’s the customization, images, links, etc. that kills our time. So you can really save your precious time by creating a "Template" like we do for e-mail.

Let’s say you publish a lot of “List Posts”. In that case you can create a template with an introduction, sub-heading, and a concluding paragraph. Now what you need to take care of is, all the extra codes, images, etc.

For instance, I place AdSense codes just above my “Read More” tag and one at the bottom just above “Image Credits”. Now all I need to do is include my AdSense codes, Read More tags, and the Image Credit codes in a template. My job’s easy now!

Templates were really useful when I work on my Minteresting Friday posts since all the blog posts in that category have the same format.

So what I did was I created a new blog post (by making it a new standard) in my Windows Live Writer. And then I treated it as a new blog post in that category without any real content. But I added the first category description, added special image bullets, placed AdSense codes, and wrote all the sub-headings. And then I copied the codes from “Source” view in Live Writer (and not from Edit view) and saved as a text file. Now it’s a Template that I can use for the next Minteresting Friday post.

If you’re blogging from WordPress then you need to copy the codes from "Text" editor and not from "Visual" editor to avoid formatting problems.

Now content curation is super easy for me as all I need to do is just paste the titles and everything else is already done.

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  • Yashodhan

    Good informative post Mahesh, it will definitely help bloggers to save time in blogging. hopefully this will cause an increase in good content among blogs around the internet.