Gmail vs. vs. Yahoo! Mail: An Ultimate Comparison vs. Gmail vs. Yahoo! Mail

Dear Microsoft, there’s no doubt that (previously Windows Live Hotmail, Microsoft Hotmail) is cooler than Gmail or Yahoo! Mail. But you know what? Gmail (or Google Mail) is way ahead of any other e-mail service when it comes to productivity. I’m using Gmail ever since they launched as an invite-only beta release and it’s Gmail and not Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail that redefined the way I use an e-mail service.

That said, as a Microsoft fanatic I finally migrated to from Gmail last year even though I was aware that I’m not going to get all the features I enjoy from Google Mail. But that migration was part of my break-free from Google as I was too obsessed with Google products.

So today, I would like to compare vs. Gmail vs. Yahoo! Mail to revisit the features I enjoyed at Gmail that “Hotmail…”, err, “Outlook” doesn’t support. You’ve compared with Gmail and Yahoo! Mail with a bias so I would like to show you an unbiased comparison of the top 3 e-mail services out there.

Gmail vs. Hotmail vs. Yahoo! Mail: A Quick Comparison

FeaturesGmailOutlook.comYahoo! Mail
Free Storage Space10 GB (and counting)UnlimitedUnlimited
Attachment Limit25 MB (10 GB via Google Drive)25 MB (10 GB via SkyDrive)25 MB
Mail Access FeaturesExchange ActiveSync (EAS), IMAP, POPExchange ActiveSync (EAS), POPIMAP, POP
Automatic E-mail ForwardingYesYesAvailable for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only
Send Mail From Your Other AddressYesYesYes
Sub-addressing (?)Yes (‘+’ symbol)Yes (‘+’ symbol)Available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only
SocialNoYes, connect your account to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedInNo
Create E-mail AliasesNoYesAvailable for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only
Account Expirationafter 9 months of inactivityafter 9 months of inactivityafter 6+2 months of inactivity
AdsYes, annoying & spammy text adsYes, not-so annoying tile adsYes, ugly banner ads
CostFree (with an option to buy extra storage)Free (ad-free Hotmail costs $19.95 a year)Free (Plus costs $19.99 a year) Pros and Cons Screenshot

Why I Love

1. is clean and fresh with an intuitive design. There are no ads in my account (I exactly don’t know why). But anyways’s tile ads are not as annoying as Gmail’s spammy text ads. – Inbox Tour

2. You can Delete, Move, Categorize, Mark as read/unread, Sweep, Junk a message in one-click using Instant Actions.

3. You can sign in to your account using a one-time password (via SMS) so that you don’t have to enter your password if you’re using a shared PC.

4. You can recover deleted messages in

5. You can create an alias (can be renamed or deleted) and it can be used as additional e-mail address that’s linked to your primary e-mail account.

6. You can clean your inbox by deleting and blocking all future messages from a sender in 3 clicks by using the “Sweep” feature of

7. You can sort your messages by file size.

8. I love’s “Reading pane“. You can easily turn it off, or change the view to horizontal or vertical in a click.

9. The “New Message” and “Reply” space is huge with no annoying sidebar with ads.

10. The “Right-click” menu on is cool. Of course, Gmail supports right-click with “Message Sneak Peek” labs feature and it’s nice but Outlook is awesome.

11. You can connect your to your Facebook account and can chat with your Facebook friends.

12. Your inbox is tightly integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Why I Hate

1. It will take ages to move e-mails from your old e-mail client to as they limit the number of messages to 60 at a time. I’ve over 100,000 e-mail messages in my Gmail and that’s the reason why I’m using Gmail’s e-mail forwarding instead of the POP-in feature in

2. There’s no official app for iOS but you can access on your Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.

3. I’m a fan of labels ever since I started using Gmail. supports folders and labels (known as categories) but there’s no option to delete the default labels.

4. supports “Rules for sorting new messages” but it’s not as flexible as Gmail and moreover you can’t create a filter with multiple parameters. You have to create a separate filter for each rule.

5. One of the most appreciated features of is its automatic categorization of mails. Well, it may be useful but I won’t call it perfect as Outlook’s algorithm is not clever enough.

6. I hate categories in In, it’s possible to move messages from  Sent folder to say Inbox or any another folder. It’s really absurd as I expect my sent messages to stay in that folder even though I accidentally moved them to another folder. In Gmail, you can move a message from “Sent Mail” to “Inbox” but it continues to appear in “Sent Mail” as Gmail uses labels and not folders.

Gmail: Pros and Cons

Gmail Screenshot

Why I Love Gmail?

1. Gmail’s killer feature is its powerful search. The search combined with labels and filters is just amazing.

2. Never delete a message ever again as you have tons of storage! I don’t delete any of my messages instead I “Archive” them so that Inbox remains clean. Of course, both and Yahoo! Mail have unlimited storage but it’s Gmail which started the storage war with free storage that’s 250 times bigger than Hotmail.

3. You can send attachments up to 10 GB as Gmail is tightly integrated with Google Drive.

4. You can star any message in one-click. lets you flag (equivalent to Gmail’s starring feature) only incoming mails and not the sent mails.

5. You can also use Gmail to send messages from your other e-mail addresses using Gmail’s “Send mail as” feature. You can hide your Gmail address by sending the mails through your other account’s SMTP server settings.

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6. Gmail’s filters are so powerful and flexible that you can define the filters the way you want. You can create a filter with multiple parameters. For example, I can create a filter to “Star” messages that are coming from and then apply a Label and mark automatically as important and send an automatic reply or forward to another e-mail address. They’re all possible using just one filter.

7. Like filters, another feature that’s worth mention is its Labels. Instead of using folders Gmail uses Labels. In Gmail virtually there’s only one folder and everything else is labels. You can add as much labels as you want to a message and you can search messages using labels apart from using other criteria.

8. Gmail Chat is so addictive and so powerful that it supports Instant Messages, Group Chats, Video Chats, Group Video Chats (Hangouts), Phone Call, etc. That’s not all! All your conversation history is archived online and is searchable. Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail later followed this feature and are now saving all chat histories on the cloud instead of saving on your local PC.

9. With Gmail Labs (experimental new features in Gmail) you can boost your e-mail productivity. And my favorite Labs are “Undo Send” (you get up to 30 seconds to stop messages from being sent), “Canned Responses” (create e-mail templates), “Inserting images” (it’s a killer feature that allows you to paste images directly into the message body), “Quote selected text” (quote only a part of the message instead of including the whole conversation when you reply) “Message Sneak Peek” (enables right-clicking on a messages).

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10. Now when it comes to security Gmail is probably the best among the trio. With 2-step account verification Gmail is almost hacker proof.

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11. With Gmail you can now track your recent login sessions (Access Type, IP Address, Data, Time) and can also sign out remotely. Click on the “Details” link present at the bottom right corner of your Gmail inbox.

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12. Google offers a simple task manager called Google Tasks. Though I no longer use Google Tasks it’s really a cool product that’s integrated with Gmail.

13. Gmail allows you to create custom e-mail signature for each account that you have added.

14. Gmail’s app for mobile devices is just awesome with push notifications.

Why I Hate Gmail?

1. Gmail is not social and is integrated only to Google+ that nobody uses. But you can use the third-party add-on called Rapportive to connect your Gmail account to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.

2. Gmail is heavy with too many unwanted features.

3. Gmail’s reading pane, known as Preview Pane, is a mess with ads, horizontal scroll bar, etc.

4. Gmail’s sidebar is ugly with distracting and spammy looking ads.

5. Replying to an e-mail message is awful as the reply window is very narrow with annoying ads.

6. You can’t recover a deleted message.

7. Gmail has got a simple interface but it’s really boring.

Yahoo! Mail: Pros and Cons

Yahoo! Mail Sreenshot

Why I Love Yahoo! Mail?

Oh wait, I don’t love Yahoo! Mail. I use my only to receive spams or to sign up on a website that appears to be spammy. But still, if there is one feature that I like about Yahoo! Mail, it’s the Disposable Addresses (but available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only). It’s different from “Plus addressing” of Gmail or Instead of adding a “+tag” after our username Yahoo! allows us to create another base name (call it an alias) and then we can add up to 500 unique tags separated by a “hyphen“. For example,; instead of or in case of or Gmail.

Why I Hate Yahoo! Mail?

Well, I think I can write another blog post on that topic as I hate almost everything about Yahoo! Mail except for its unlimited storage.

  • Bertha Stritch

    Question is Hotmail available on Chromebook?

    • Mahesh Mohan

      You can’t access Hotmail on Chrome or what?

    • Hadrian Embalsado

      You can access it through the browser itself.

  • Craig

    I like yahoo mail, but google drive is better than Yahoo note pad in my opinion, but Yahoo mail is old reliable, plus u can sign into other places an it has more features like groups among other things, but if u only use the address for mail I guess Gmail is good, but I’m not even considering the new one like outlook

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Ooops! I must disagree… I never liked Yahoo Mail. For me Gmail is the best because it’s so powerful and feature rich… And then I like because of it’s cool interface and again it also has good features but still lacks many awesome features of Gmail – including a power search. Gmail’s powerful search, filters and labels makes it unique.

    • George Cross

      That’s true, there are Yahoo logins all over the web, which are nice to see. GDrive integration with GMail is just great, but Yahoo mail also integrates with Dropbox for large attachments. There are so many email solutions (iCloud also gets better every year) and they improve constantly. The differences between the services are more a matter of preferences now than superior features. I honestly could be happy using any of the major services (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple) these days!

      • Mahesh Mohan

        Absolutely! It’s all about our personal preferences now.

  • prajaktmeshram

    i use gmail because i love google and when you are in love, you forget the flaws.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Thumbs up for that! :)

  • Hadrian Embalsado

    I use Hotmail as my main E-mail. I only use Gmail for Gdrive and Youtube.

  • Mahesh Mohan

    Hotmail ( is pretty cool.. except that I don’t like its sidebar banner ads and it lacks so many power featured offered by Gmail.

    • Hadrian Embalsado

      Gmail loads slower and I use OneDrive so no contest there.

  • Mahesh Mohan

    Yes, Gmail is heavy but once it’s loaded then it works better than I was experiencing a lot of UX problem with and then I switched back to Gmail. And another thing that I love about Gmail and hate about is the URL structure. We can bookmark or copy-paste the URL of any Gmail message to check later. But’s URLs are all cluttered and unreliable.

    • Hadrian Embalsado

      I like Outlook’s sweep feature and I feel less cluttered in Outlook since it is made for touch as well.

      • Mahesh Mohan

        Yes, some features are really nice like – Sweep, Alias, cool interface (except the banner ads), Google Talk + Facebook+ Skype integration, Block list, Instant actions + design, etc. But Gmail’s search, filters, and labels won’t allow me to switch.

        • Hadrian Embalsado

          I barely use Gmail since I only use that for Youtube.

          • Mahesh Mohan

            Nice… but for me the problem is… as an internet marketer and bloggers it’s almost impossible to live without Google. Otherwise, is good enough for everyone. In fact I was using for over a year (by using Windows Live Custom Domains) and then switched again to Gmail when I really missed some features of Gmail.

  • mKarbi

    The main reasons I’m leaving Gmail (yet I’m G+ & Android user) for Hotmail/Outlook are: First, the ads (you can use adblock though). Second, the awful design. Outlook is more eye candy. Third, the mess in searching results; I prefer the old school in emails. However, I miss labels and fast searching….

  • Mahesh Mohan

    But what about ads? I hate that. When they launched the service there was no ads and it looked super clean and then it became annoying. On Gmail, I use the Rapportive extension so it replaces the ads with contact information. And you’re right, the design is much much richer than Gmail. But search results are not impressive. It rarely worked for me (for advanced searches).

  • Bubba Jones

    “…2. There’s no official app for iOS but you can access on your Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.…”.
    Yes, now there is a nice Outlook app for iOS. Have it on my iPhone and iPad.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, they released it after this post went live. It’s going to be on top of this list on the next update. It’s the best email app for iOS that I have ever tried.