Gmail vs. Cloud: Here’s Why I Still Use Gmail As A Cloud Storage

It’s not a secret that a Gmail user turns into a Gmail addict very soon. I was very much obsessed with Gmail the past 8 years or so but finally managed to switch to (the new Hotmail) last year.

Gmail by Google

I love because of its fresh, clean and intuitive interface but I miss several powerful features offered by Gmail. The first one being the "Search". So today I’m going to focus on Gmail search and going to tell you why I love Gmail search.

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Gmail search is perhaps the most amazing feature of Gmail if we keep its storage aside.

Gmail Search

Why Gmail Search?

With Gmail and its search, you don’t have to delete even a single message (thanks to 10 GB of free storage) and you can retrieve the e-mail you want in a few seconds. No other e-mail service provider can beat this (as of now).

You can call me old school, but I STILL mail myself attachments as it’s my way of archiving files online and making it searchable via Gmail search.

The search is not bad but I would say the search results are not as relevant as in Gmail. So since my is connected to Gmail (via POP3) I’ve a copy of all my mails in it and hence I use Gmail search when Outlook can’t find a mail that I want.

Now with Gmail, you can create your own archives of your files (or call it your backup) by making use of Labels, Filters, and Plus Addressing.

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For example, I regularly backup my bookmarks, application settings, etc. to my Gmail (yes, by sending those files to my own e-mail ID as an attachment). Let’s say my Gmail id is, but it’s difficult to manage the archive if I send the attachments to itself. So instead can send those attachments to one of your Gmail id’s sub-address (in my case it could be And then, you can create a label (call it Settings, maybe) and a filter to automatically label those archives.

You can create as many labels, filters, sub-addresses as you want this way.

By following this method of backup I can keep my cloud storage (SkyDrive) in an organized way. And since I archive all my mails in my Gmail after reading, I don’t care about these attachments as long as they are archived and are out of my sight.

Now why I don’t want to use a cloud storage for this purpose?

Why Not Cloud Storage? 5 Reasons:

I feel cloud storage is good when we want to access our files regularly, want to keep them up-to-date and at the same time access the same from our other devices.


  • My files and folders on my cloud storage are perfectly organized and I don’t want to make them messy.
  • Since these are just backups I rarely require those files again. Just in case if I want them back then it’s just few clicks away.
  • I have tons of storage left in my Google account as I have a legacy storage plan there.
  • I don’t have to care about privacy settings (as in cloud storage services) of each files as they’re all within my e-mail and no one can access them unless of course they have my password and my phone.
  • I can attach almost any file (except applications) and can add keywords to my e-mail (in subject or in body) so that I can find what I want more quickly.

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    Now things are clear .

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