Forget Archives. Instead Create A “New? Start Here!” Page On Your Blog

You blog probably have an “Archive” page like this one where you show all your pages, categories, tags, monthly archives, authors, etc.

Dubious Man

But wait, do you really need an archive page or an HTML sitemap page? Of course, you need an XML Sitemap for your blog like this one but it’s for search engines and not for users.

Unless you’re a real big brand, your visitors don’t care about your Site Search, or even your category or tag cloud. People are too lazy to search your blog to find interesting content.

In that case what you really need to show are “Related Posts”, “Most Popular Posts”, interlink your other relevant blog posts, and perhaps a link to your categories and tags at the top/bottom of the blog post as it can be useful to readers.

As you can see my Archive page is almost hidden as it’s in fact a page that I created for myself.

Now coming back, there’s an alternative.

Instead of focusing on an Archive page create a “New? Start here” page where you display all your popular posts in an organized way. Think about the “Content” page in a book where they list all the topics in an organized way. And think about your Archive page as your “Index” where you show everything in your blog in a not-so organized way.

Need some example pages “New? Start here!”? Okay, check out the “New? Start here” page of Blogging with Amy and ViperChill. I like the “Start here” page of Blogging with Amy because of its simplicity and I like the “Start here” page of ViperChill because of its creativity.

P.S. I don’t have a “New? Start here” page yet since I write random stuff. But it’s something on my to-do list.

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  • Kingsley Agu

    hmmm… Interesting write up.
    I think there is a truth in what you just said. I’ll put that in my To-Do List also. I need to let readers be able to navigate my blog easily. I’ll consider doing this very soon. Thanks for this post.

    • Mahesh Mohan

      That’s right. I’m just waiting until I finish few posts that are related so that I can organize all of them in a nice way.