10 Fiverr Alternatives/Clones You Probably Don’t Know


About Fiverr

What is Fiverr anyhow? Well, Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for micro jobs, starting at $5. Looking to procure services online at an affordable price? Fiverr’s your stop.

Freelancers from all over the world provide customized work ranging from casual to formal, creative to digital, to the buyers at prices starting from $5. You will find sellers from across the world offering over 1.5 million different services here. No wonder it’s still the best and most popular micro-job service provider on the Internet which ensures quality services from professionals.

About Sites Like Fiverr & Its Alternatives

Now, are you looking for Fiverr competitors or sites like Fiverr? Fiverr’s success has led to the rise of so many Fiverr alternative sites and clones. Though dozens have emerged nothing can match the traffic of Fiverr.

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Description:  What are you willing to do for $5?

Alexa Rank: 141

Google PageRank: 5

Fiverr is the most popular and trusted marketplace for micro-jobs. It’s the world’s largest marketplace for services, starting at $5.

Top 5 Fiverr Alternatives & Clones

Like I said, there are tons of Fiverr alternatives and its exact clones out there. When I first published this blog post I listed over 22 alternatives but now as you can see now I have listed only 10 alternatives to Fiverr. Why? Because it appears like the micro-job platforms cooled off a bit as I noticed that a good percentage of those websites are no longer active. But nothing has really changed at Fiverr and that’s why it’s still the most popular and trusted marketplace for micro-jobs.

1. SEOClerks


Description: Micro jobs site for SEO & Internet Marketing

Alexa Rank: 3,000

Google PageRank: N/A

As the name implies, SEOClerks was created for services concerning SEO. However, to cater to their clients’ demands, they introduced a “Want to Buy” and “Want to Trade” section for better user experience.

2. Gigbucks


Description: Buy & Sell Services from $5 to $50 Bucks

Alexa Rank: 12,000

Google PageRank: 4

Gigbucks is not very different from Fiverr. It’s in fact a Fiverr clone, but Gigbucks offers services ranging from $5 to $50.

3. Fourerr


Description: What are you willing to do for $4?

Alexa Rank: 25,000

Google PageRank: 3

Doesn’t the name sound like a sibling of Fiverr and it’s self explanatory too. Here you will find everything for $4. A simple sign up and any freelancer can offer their services for $4 here.

4. Redlr


Description: Small Services Priced from 5$

Alexa Rank: 92,000

Google PageRank: 3

5. ZJobs


Description: ZJobs (formerly FiversWorld.com) is a market place to share jobs that you can do for only $5, $10, $15, $20, $25.

Alexa Rank: 244,000

Google PageRank: 2

Even More Sites Like Fiverr Or Its Clones?

I didn’t want to create a huge list of 50 Fiverr alternatives (yes, there must be at least 50) and decided to feature only the top 5 alternatives to Fiverr that I find reliable. However for your convenience I updated the other links so that only the active websites are listed now.

6. TenBux – Where the bargains and the buyers meet. Small services from $5.

7. GigsBull – Outsource your jobs from $3 to $100.

8. Tenrr – The Marketplace for Jobs under $10, No Fees!

9. Goferr – Share jobs & gigs you will do, ‘In Your City’ for $25.

10. TwentyVille – The marketplace for $10 and $20 Jobs.

Note: I used Alexa rank, Google PageRank, and the overall user experience as a criteria for selection.

  • Arunima
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  • http://www.estellaeffects.com Latha


    Thanks for the exhaustive list. Do you use fiverr? which site do you prefer. I am thinking of having some videos done.

  • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan


    Yes, I use Fiverr and that’s my preferred site for micro jobs. You can try gigbucks as well if you’re looking for services worth $5+. Gigbucks is the most popular service after Fiverr.

    – Mahesh

  • Todd Fabacher

    I found this GREAT Fiverr like site for the Business sector where I can list my services for much more money like $250-$2500. It is on http://www.commpro.biz/bizgigs

    It is a great option for professional providers of services to get paid more.

  • http://onedollargigs.com/ Sharan

    I also started my own site, onedollargigs.com
    Gigs start at $1 and no more than $4.


  • http://nettradr.com Pat Gunning

    I hope you will consider adding our Micro-Contracting Marketplace to the list NetTradR

  • http://Xyzal.org Nic Coventry

    This is exactly what I was looking for, I used Fiverr, and somehow came across SEOClerks.com and couldn’t remember what the site was called, so I went to google and typed in Fiverr Alternative SEO (because I knew the name had SEO in it) and wa-lah you had SEOClerks as the first listing. Thanks so much, this is a great review of website, and Fiverr has saved me so much time, and made outsourcing so much easier, not having to actually hire someone to work directly for me…

    Thanks again.

    • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan

      Anytime! :)

  • http://Xyzal.org Nic Coventry

    I was looking for the alternative, SEOClerks to Fiverr, and found it, thanks!

  • http://www.dollarr.me Dollarr

    Dollarr.me is a new site, check it out!

  • http://www.will2ad.com Luis Sevilla

    We are a New “Fiverr” Like Website

    People Willing To Advertise (Will2Ad) for Businesses in Unique and Creative ways to earn additional cash. We function as an Online Marketing and Advertising Agency for Businesses.

    What makes us different from the rest is:

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    6. We have over 35 Unique and Creative Categories
    7. Businesses can find affordable and creative advertising and business related services

  • http://www.baltana.com/ Varinder Pal Singh

    Hi, You can also add http://www.baltana.com/ to this list. Do Anything For $5.

  • http://www.jobmention.com Job

    There is an other great site >> http://www.jobmention.com It’s growing very fast and they are building some killer modules in there! About every 1 or 2 weeks the come up with some great new module

  • steven

    here is another great fiverr alternative- http://www.fiveruk.com

    it is a new website that is already attracting great gigs :)

  • Fiverup com

    Please also look at my new site http://fiverup.com

    Thank you

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    Please add our site to fiverr like alternatives, http://www.Onlypay50.com you can make 15.00 per completed gigs similar to fiverr major difference is we don”t hold peoples money, as fiverr does and we aren’t as stricked. as well we understand any time we have issues we could lose business and we dont want that, so we work hard with our members to avoid issues like this check us out today and signup.

  • http://tenrgig.com Vishal

    Hete i found new one


    super site

  • http://NewVideos.com Jesse

    Please add our site $50 University. http://www.50dollarUniversity.com The site sells items for $50 or less. You can “add on” to your gigs. You can charge shipping. You can also do a feature for instant downloads. Check it out today.

  • http://computerinformationsite.com/ Lori

    Try http://tenerr.com/.
    Lowest commissions with faster payout and they have amazing customer support.
    I like it!
    Lori x

  • tim

    goferr is 100% scam be careful everyone

  • http://www.tenbux.com Ethan

    I use fiverr and tenbux.com, they are the best and not a scam

  • mark

    I use fiveruk.com and fiverr.com , I have made over £40 on each of these this month so far.

  • http://www.gigpursuits.com Tony

    I used gigpursuits.com and made $20 this week! Definitely the best fiverr alternative, I got 90% of revenues earnt.

  • Sammy

    Thanks for the list. I dont know why GigPayrr guys have not annouced it here, let me announce on behalf of them, earlier I thought this is again one more Fiverr Alternative, but after seeing their daily increase in Alexa, I am sticking to them. I get my tickets anwered in 2 to 3 hours and the support is quite good though, but i have not made any thing as of now, but am sure, the way they are promoting it, I think I should get it more than expected, lets see and cross my fingers

    • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan


      Checked gigpayrr.com but it doesn’t have enough traffic. Once they become established will surely add to the list.


      • Luke

        Agree. I have listed gigs on there an no sales from it. However on Fiverr & tenbux I seem to be selling alot of my gigs.

  • Sammy

    oops, Site name missing, http://www.gigpayrr.com

    • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan

      No, not based on Alexa. Based on some other stats which is more accurate.

  • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan

    It’s based on a variety of factors I will soon post an update on how I get the accurate traffic of any site.

  • Rui Fig

    Just launched http://Fiverup.com at the end of May could you please add it to your list.

    Thank you

    • Marco Antonio

      I joinned your site http://fiverup.com about 30 days ago and I’m having great success. I can sell or buy gigs from $5 to $10,000 and they use PayPal and Payza
      Great new fiverr alternative with great traffic.
      Thank you

  • http://www.jobsfor12.com Irene

    Hi. This is a fairly recent site, if you wouldn’t mind giving it a mention.


    Although based on $12, the price of the gigs varies considerably.


  • Alex

    Im using Tenrbux, TenrGig.com since 2 Month im getting daily 2 to 3 new orders Also Payment On Time

  • Sam

    You say Tenrbux? You mean http://www.tenbux.com??

    If so, I agree with you.

  • http://www.gigslatino.com Jose Fontalvo

    I’ll give you and advise after been scammed by Gigswood. The main good microjobs and trust sites for me is fiverr.com and jobasker.com, both are managed by real companies in the US. After I made some money in Gigswood, they shut the website and took my money, if you want to know if you can trust on this website go to about us section, if it is not a registered company then it is an scam and can disappear with your money anytime.

    fiverr.com and jobasker.com are the only websites registered under US law to protect buyers and sellers.

    • Sam

      I’ve been spammed by jobasker.com, I wouldn’t say they are professional at all.

    • website watch

      if jobasker.com is registered in the US then they should know that they need to remove the words ‘gig’ and ‘gigs’ from there website soon or they will have to pay the piper later

      • http://www.gigslatino.com Jose Fontalvo

        Lol of course you as competitors are mad that jobasker is registered, you can check the about us section and check it by yourself on the Colorado departments of state, the only website that keeps secure their buyers and sellers, of course everyone can create a page like this but NOT everyone can register a company in the US. jobasker offer your talent.

        keep your business safe.

        • website watch

          lol , hello marlon. Anyone can register to be a llc , you paid $50 lol , This does not mean you are anymore trustworthy than anyone else.It just means that you have limited your liability so people can not chase you personally when you disappear.

  • Johnson

    Yapeeee got 1st payment from http://tenrgig.com as looking legend as also got payments from Gigbucks

  • Steven

    FYI. There’s a new site you can add your jobs to. It just launched and needs services like yours. Please spread the word. :)

    • http://fiveruk.com s,smith

      good luck with the new website , check out fiveruk.com , We have lots of buyers waiting so post your quality jobs today

  • Ben

    I had a look through most of these comments and some suggestions on those fiverr likes are poor. Aweful looking sites and not porofessional at all. http://www.bluegig.com looks quite nice as does a few others like gigbux but I do prefer the look of bluegig.com. I heard that bluegig are intorducing two payment methods to compete as I know from reading reviews some people want the use of paypal and I read somewhere they are introducing this, Great news for most people. I’ts nice to have choice but some this choice is very poor. I’d stick to the recomended ones or ones that look professional.

    What I don’t get is how most of these sites get away without displaying their business registration number? It’s a legal requirement in the UK not sure about the US.


    • Alex

      Do you even know, what you are commenting, am not against bluegig.com but sorry to say, their design kills my eyes, secondly on the home page, gigs have been scrambled and jumbled. I cant even find order now button properly. Ben, you should really think before you write as “professional”. Nothing can come in the way of fiverr. Ben, are you the owner of bluegig? stop self-promoting please. Leave it to the sellers and buyers to do that job.

      • http://www.bluegig.com BlueGig Team

        Hello Alex,

        Can you let us know what it is that seems to be “killing your eyes”?

        The site has been tested on several different browsers and screen sizes (both PC and Mac) and we cannot see any scrambling or squashed text which you seem to be describing. If you can email us a screen shot we will look into resolving this for you. I would also suggest clearing your cookies to see if that will help.

        We have no member of the team named Ben and that comment was not made by any member of staff at bluegig.

        Thank you,

        (Customer Service Team)

      • http://www.bluegig.com BlueGig Team

        Hello Sam,

        Ben is not associated with bluegig and the website has not failed. We have had over 200 gig listings of which several were removed due to infringment on the terms of service. We only allow good quality listings and no silly poor quality services are allowed. That wasy customers can be sure they will received a great service.

        Thank you,

        (Customer Service Team)

    • http://www.bluegig.com BlueGig Team

      Hello Sam,

      First of all we are sorry to hear that you are not fond of the website. Could you let us know what particulars it is you do not like? While we cannot please everyone we have had a lot of positive comments about the look of the bluegig site.

      In response to your comment about the use of the word ‘gig’. We are in a different legal jurisdiction to the US, therefore unless something is trademarked for worldwide use we are entitled to use the word.

      I’m not quite clear on your comment about the registration number and what point you are putting across. It would not be in most peoples interest to register a business unless there was a specific reason for doing so and it’s not solely about just getting a business reigstration number, you have to submit relevant yearly documents to companies house thus.

      I assume you must have trusted the other sites you use at somepoint and age does not necessarly reflect trust. We have members on bluegig.com who trust our handling and transfering of money.

      Thank you and we hope that we have responded to your concerns in a positive light.

      (Customer Service Team)

  • http://www.gigsshack.com fiverr alternative

    the only one I use is http://www.gigsshack.com this should be added to your list and a word of warning about Gigbucks they have been know n to scam people out of money.

    • Alex

      I have been with them for months now and they have always done timely payments, I think this type of comment is awful to know.

  • http://www.gigstask.com/ Salman Zaib

    Its a new fiverr alternative http://www.gigstask.com/ also going good. Join it today and start making money.

  • http://fiveruk.co.uk s,smith

    Fiveruk has moved to faster , improved servers.

    until the domain name changes please use this address to access the website


    we would like to thank everyone for being so patient during the move :)

    Coming soon – are you a fiverr site owner? Need reliable hosting that will support your scipt?

    Then watch this space for upcoming information about our new hosting services

  • http:www.gigstate.com Jay

    Let’s not forget about http://www.gigstate.com ;-)

  • http://fiverup.com Rui Fig

    Please check out http://Fiverup.com give us your feedback and could you please add us to your list.

    Thank you

  • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan

    I will probably disable and delete comments in this post as the admins of the above sites are posting comments under different names.

  • Nancy

    Mahesh try deleting some of these obscure comments that are completely biast! I like a lot of these gig sites and dont see anythign wrong with most of them but some comments are childish and not polite.

  • http://www.jacksalive.com Johnnie

    There ARE a couple of decent fiverr clones out there, but the majority are simply trying to do what the original fiverr did and appeal to the masses.
    The ones that will rise to the top are sites such as SEOclerks and Jacks Alive which have niched down their audience (SEO & Students respectively) and have become big fish in small ponds.

    By all means, be inspired, but put a twist on it if you want to succeed. Just my 2 cents:)

  • http://Gigora.com Victor

    Check out Gigora very similar to Fiverr, but with varible gig prices to chose from. Just starting, but would love your input and support.

  • http://www.bluegig.com BlueGig Team


    Can you let us know by what you mean by “one of the worst”? What is it you are not particuarly fond of on the website? You do not appear to be registered on the website and it may come across to some reasing your comment that you are refering to not making any sales on bluegig.com, which is not the case. We are sorry that you do not like the site and we would like to know what it is.

    Thank you

    (Customer Service Team)

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    Please take a look at our new fiverr clone website and let us know what you guys think.

    Thank you

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    Hi Everyone!

    There is this alternative site freelancegigz wherein you could sell your gigs or even promote your fiverr gigs as well.

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  • http://www.businessmegapolis.com Maik

    BEST GIG WEBSITE IS http://www.gigton.com

  • http://www.tenrr.com Tenrr

    Hello Everyone! First of all, thanks for listing Tenrr! I should have thanked you earlier…

    We have big news and I thought your readers may be interested – we’ve just started our first in a series of weekly contests and giveaways this Monday. We’re giving away $100 to one lucky random member who posts a new job on the site this week! If you’re interested in posting your jobs on the biggest, completely free micro job website with a chance to win some free money, join Tenrr and post some great, interesting jobs.

    We’ll be giving away weekly prizes for a while, so the quicker you act, the better your odds will be to win. Again, thanks for mentioning Tenrr – we really do appreciate it!

  • http://taimoorsultan.com/ Taimoor

    very useful list! thank you!
    And thank to tenerr for letting us know about offer. :D
    thank you all!

  • micro jobs community

    A community site launched for micro job site owners, sellers and buyers. Join the community and make a big change. http://www.microjobscommunity.com

  • http://www.madgigz.com carl

    If you want to promote your micro jobs then please check out http://www.madigz.com
    Its a promotional platform for sellers!

  • http://www.realestaterr.com Joyce

    This is the first Real Estate Marketplace fiverr alternative — We’re brand new and looking for quality job submissions related to real estate. http://www.realestaterr.com

    Hope to see you there!

  • http://gigora.com Victor

    Just made some big changes to our micro jobs website. please look it over. no preset limits, sell items and gigs. NO FEE UNTIL 1 JAN. 2013, then only 10%. http://www.gigora.com
    Check it out and give me feedback.

  • kapiszon

    What about http://www.job4fiver.co.uk legitimate and registered with cool look.

  • http://www.twodollarjobs.com 7Media

    Twodollarjobs.com – What will you do for 2$? If you’re looking for a place where you can get a gig performing your talents, come post your ad for free.

  • http://VFiverr.com VFIVERR

    Thats really a detailed list of Fiverr Alternatives, I appreciate your research & analytical skills to draft such shortlist, in the meantime, I would also like your opinion about another Fiverr Alternative i.e. http://VFiverr.com where Sellers & Buyers can hire or get hired Between $5-$50. with more flexible option to withdraw funds like Moneybookers and Payoneer :)
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    wow we have a baby site called http://50r.co.za gigs here are Rand50(south African currency)and more so i am putting it up for gig lover and those who want more money check it out

  • Mark

    Mini Job List is also a fiverr alternative

  • http://rapbattle.us Jerlene

    I’m glad to see SEO Clerks at the top of the list. I’ve been using it for years and have made a lot of extra cash, got to level X, and have consistent revenue. This site is amazing and highly recommended!

    • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan

      That’s right. I sorted the list based on Alexa rank and also by considering other factors like design, user experience etc. SEO Clerks & Gigbucks surely deserve a top spot as I tried them personally.

  • malenruphee

    great list,i think http://www.redlr.com should be on the list

  • http://www.bluefrogseosolutions.com gareth parker

    found this one too http://www.fiverjob.com sell up to $100

  • http://massagepot.com tricia miller

    honestly, the only fiverr alternative that has EVER worked for me is http://jobZweb.com its good for about a thousand a month and they pay on time every time. IDK about the rest of these tho.

  • Manohar

    First , I have to say thanks to Mahesh. Initiation also a prioritized part. You did a lovely job. Thanks Bro.

  • Greg

    I’ve been selling on Fiverr now for about a year and it has its ups and downs. The key, for me anyway, is sticking with what you know and what you can do in under 10 mins. I recently started using koopedia as well and things look pretty decent so far. The support is for sure better. Maybe because they are an American based company, but either way time will tell if they are going to stick.

  • http://www.seoclerks.com Emma

    SEOClerks.com is the best microjob site, its the largest marketplace for SEO services on the planet. Even much bigger and much better than Fiverr. OR you can say that SEOClerks.com is the only capable competitor of Fiverr.

    • http://www.maheshone.com Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, I agree that. But I have noticed that SEOClerks have too much spammy gigs… Fiverr also have tons of them but still they do have gigs with original ideas… and that makes them unique. :)

    • http://www.economichighlights.com/ Chole199

      Agreed, SEOCLERKS.COM is the best microjob site.

  • http://www.sugargig.com Matthew

    Another great alternative, http://www.sugargig.com/ lets sellers list gigs at $1,$5,$10,$20,$50,$100,$1000,$5000 and has much lower rates. So in the end, the seller makes more money, and the buyer is satisfied with the extra effort. Good sellers are rewarded with free featured status for their top gigs, $100 value, that comes with a customized and comprehensive advertising campaign just for that gig.

  • http://fivess.co.uk/ Jeff

    Please consider http://fivess.co.uk/ for your list.

    Also offers affiliate scheme where you can share the profits.

  • Ben

    http://buysellseo.com should definitely be on this list. They launched like a month ago and they are rapidly growing!! Their design is unique and innovative!

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    Also check out http://www.workerz.co.uk – loads of buyers and sellers increasing daily!

  • http://microjobforce.com Dwayne Applegate

    Oops you missed one the author should have put this site on his list as well http://microjobforce.com

  • http://www.myraket.com jinex

    please add http://www.myraket.com to your list..thanks

  • http://totalwelless.me David Brown

    Hey check out this new one http://www.gigzerr.com

  • http://www.fivepa.com nikhil

    Thanks for your comment – But guys try http://fivepa.com it is also very good site – where you can offer your gigs or services for 5 usd

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  • http://job4fiver.co.uk/ wesley

    Best Fiverr alternative uk website is http://job4fiver.co.uk/. Not the biggest yet but best managed.

  • http://www.vrbas.be Zlatan Hadzic
  • http://www.facebook.com/hitmeasap hitmeasap

    SEOClerks is way better than any other clones or alternatives out there. SEOClerks are listening to the users and make things better for each and every one of them. I could never stop recommending SEOClerks because I truly love it.

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  • Seko

    Socialhawkers is affordable seo and social media services marketplace.

  • https://twitter.com/AshleyCortw Barbara Wright

    Wow. So many Fiverr copycats. Is that jealousy or vanity ? Or just plain ol’ follow the leader?

    • http://www.minterest.com Mahesh Mohan


      I think it’s only human to copy! :)

      When you enter a new market… naturally there will be new competitors… but you will get a first mover advantage though. Today the best example is Apple and Samsung.

  • http://www.blogfruit.com Rahul Gupta

    It appears like, all these fellas are using same script and made a lot of fiverr alternatives, but Fiverr is Fiverr. I tried to 2-3 gigs on other network, but not converting as well as Fiverr.

    • http://www.minterest.com Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, so true! When I first wrote this article Fiverr was just a $5 marketplace but now they are supporting bigger gigs so we no longer have to rely an alternative.