Dear Google, Should I Focus On Content Creation Or DMCA Takedowns?

As a blogger, should I focus on content creation or spend enormous time on finding content scrapers and then for filing DMCA Takedown notices? Please advice…


I’m very much annoyed that you continue giving higher ranking to content scrapers even after your so-called algorithmic updates Panda, Penguin, Caffeine, etc. I completely understand when a higher authority website outranks ours even for an exact match "title search".

But there’s no excuse when a spammy content scraper website continues to outrank the original blog posts. Recently you published a Webmaster video where Matt Cutts explains how Google finds it difficult to find the real author of an article.

Google SERPs

That’s okay! But it’s really a shame that even with your 200+ ranking signals and a search engine that calls itself "smart", you can’t even figure out who’s the real author and who’s the scraper.

You have penalized article directories and content farms with your first Panda update. While it’s true that they all contain low quality content (and even duplicate content) it’s also true that they did have some unique content as well. So why not penalize and de-index all the content scrapers out there?

I assume that it’s not a difficult job for you as these guys uses bots to scrape content from RSS that basically contains a backlink to its original source.

And now what’s even more embarrassing is that most of these content scrapers are using AdSense to monetize their scraped content. Don’t you think that it’s ‘evil’?

  • Nandita B.

    Hi Mahesh,

    Very well written post about – Content Scrapping or Plagiarism. Small-time bloggers are really facing a tough time fighting with Content Scrappers.

    Regular monitoring of Content Stealing and Filing DMCA Takedowns is time-taking. Google has to take some drastic steps to thwart these content scrappers.


    • Mahesh Mohan

      Yeah, that’s right, Nandita! I almost gave up spending time on DMCAs and spam reports… unless it’s something serious.

      It makes much more sense to focus on our own blog than spending time on these stuff.