Over 25 Email Apps (Free & Premium) For Your iPhone And iPad


No one can deny the fact that the default Mail app on your iPhone and iPad isn’t perfect. It’s just an email client that’s good only to check emails and thanks to its push notifications, which notify you in real-time about new email messages.

The 25 Best Email Apps For iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Tired of the not-so-perfect email app on your iOS? Well, here’s a list of some of the best email apps (Free & Premium) for your iPhone and iPad (some of them are also perfect for Android). And, I have included 5 bonus apps for your desktop as well.

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My personal favorite is the Mailbox app, but it supports only Google Mail/Apps and iCloud account. But the good thing is… it’s available for Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone & iPad), and Android.

1. Mailbox


Quickly swipe messages to your archive or trash. Scan an entire conversation at once with chat-like organization. Snooze emails until later with a tap — they’ll return to your inbox automatically so you can focus on what’s important for the moment.

Mailbox app revolutionized the way we use e-mail and it’s the best thing that happened to e-mail after Gmail. It checks your Gmail account and delivers the messages to your phone with push notifications.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad), Mac OS X, Android
  • Accounts: Gmail, Google Apps, iCloud Mail
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: Mailbox

2. Boxer


With support for Gmail, Outlook, Exchange (2007 and up), Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, & IMAP accounts, Boxer is bringing all of these features to all of your favorite email providers.

Boxer is one of the fastest growing e-mail apps and it features swipe actions (archive, trash, spam), Dropbox support, push notifications, Gmail integration, Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync) support, to-do list, social media connection, etc.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad), Android
  • Accounts: Gmail, Outlook.com, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud, IMAP
  • Price: Free / Premium ($4.99)
  • iTunes: Boxer (Free) | Boxer (Premium)

3. Acompli


Acompli simply aims at making things much easier for you, such as — delete or postpone your emails and attach files effortlessly while you are on the go. Plus, with its fully incorporated calendar, you can schedule a meeting from wherever you are. It can also make your most important emails float up so you can focus on priorities.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad), Android
  • Accounts: Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook.com, Yahoo, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: Acompli

4. CloudMagic


CloudMagic is an award-winning app that features instant push notifications, Exchange support, passcode lock, custom syncing, etc. and is also connected with your frequently-used tools like Asana, Salesforce.com, OneNote, Trello, etc.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad), Android
  • Accounts: Gmail, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook.com, iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, IMAP
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: CloudMagic

5. Molto (formerly Incredimail)

Enjoy a new visual inbox that lets you see more of your emails at first glance. Experience new intuitive email features that let you flip through your emails with ease.

Molto is designed for iPhone and iPad and supports all major email providers including Outlook.com (or Hotmail), Gmail, AOL, Yahoo!, or any POP3 or IMAP account.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad), Android
  • Accounts: Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, IMAP, POP3
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: Molto

6. Mail Pilot

Mail Pilot

Mail Pilot is an email client that allows you to view your inbox as a to-do list in which messages can be marked as complete, assigned a due date, or organized intuitively to fit your workflow.

Mail Pilot is a Mailbox like e-mail app for iPhone and iPad. The primary difference between Mail Pilot and Mailbox app is the processing of e-mails. And yeah, Mailbox is a free e-mail app recently acquired by Dropbox, whereas Mail Pilot is a Kickstarter.com project. The app costs $9.99.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad), Mac OS X
  • Accounts: Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, IMAP
  • Price: $9.99
  • iTunes: Mail Pilot

7. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is a new email app by Google that requires an invite. It organizes your messages automatically and highlights them without even opening the email. The best part? It also lets you add reminders and snooze emails — with a better searching tool — all in an intuitive design.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch), Android, Web
  • Accounts: Gmail, Google Apps
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: Inbox by Gmail

8. Triage

When you sign in to your mail account, your new messages will appear as a stack of cards. Simply flick messages up to archive, or flick them down to keep in your inbox for later. You can also tap a message to view its full contents, and compose a short reply.

Triage helps you clean your inbox. Your e-mails are displayed as a stack of cards. You can’t read the full message, but it shows a preview so that you can archive or leave it untouched.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone & iPod touch)
  • Accounts: Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, IMAP
  • Price: $2.99
  • iTunes: Triage

9. AltaMail

AltaMail lets you create rules and filters to control your inbox. It lets you set up auto-reply, auto-delete, auto-filing, auto-archive, etc. Other features include creating mailshots and templates, syncing email accounts and settings across different devices, push notifications, etc.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone & iPod touch)
  • Accounts: Gmail, Outlook.com, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP, POP3
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: AltaMail

10. Cloze


Cloze learns who is important to you so you can step away and return to a friendlier place with the important stuff safely tucked away, separate from the noise and clutter of everything else.

Cloze is your inbox for Email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad)
  • Accounts: Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL, IMAP
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: Cloze

11. Hop

Hop brings your email to life! It automagically turns your email messages into a natural chat conversation with the people you know.

Hop automatically turns your email messages to chat conversation and supports real-time messaging, file sharing, voice recording, video calls, notifications, etc. It syncs with your desktop.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad)
  • Accounts: Gmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail, iCloud
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: Hop

12. Dispatch


Dispatch makes it easy to act on emails even when you’re on the move. It lets you get rid of mails by swiping, respond faster with snippets, and process your mails with other apps.

Dispatch is an action based e-mail client so you can archive messages to Evernote, save links to Pocket, set reminders, etc. Supported apps include Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, Clear, Fantastical, Google Chrome, 1Password, Dolphin, Safari, Maps, Google Maps, Calendar, Skype, etc.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch)
  • Accounts: Gmail, Google Apps, iCloud, AOL, Yahoo, IMAP
  • Price: $4.99
  • iTunes: Dispatch

13. Inky

Inky is for those who are looking for a solution to their highly confusing, unorganized inbox. Now, they can find out more important messages from the list effortlessly. The app intuitively sorts messages into specific categories like Personal, Deals, Subscription and Notes, and lets you make an instant search based on keywords, contacts, and hashtags.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad), Mac OS X, Windows
  • Accounts: Gmail, iCloud, AOL, Outlook.com, Yahoo, IMAP, POP3
  • Price: $9.99
  • iTunes: Inky

14. Tipbit


Tipbit combines email, calendaring, contacts, file sharing, and relevant social information on the people important to you, making life on the go a whole lot easier.

Tipbit automatically filters significant messages, appointments, contacts and attachments as you go through your email list or calendar and pulls relevant information from several social networks. You can organize your calendar and plan out appointments/meetings from the app itself. Also, you can directly find and share attachments and messages through Dropbox, Salesforce, etc.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad)
  • Accounts: Gmail, Outlook.com, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, IMAP
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: Tipbit

15. MailDeck

MailDeck lets you spend less time organizing your emails and picking up the important ones from the list. It also allows you to choose how you want to view emails from different email accounts and access attachments from any account.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad)
  • Accounts: Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL, Outlook.com, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: MailDeck

16. Inboxcube

Inboxcube organizes all your emails, attachments, articles, and links into a photo stream. It features custom themes, swipe email conversations, quick-reply bar, real-time notifications, social media integration, offline access to email, etc.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch)
  • Accounts: Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Office365, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: Inboxcube

17. LightMail

LightMail comes with features like multiple email accounts support, automatic account configuration, push notifications, quick-viewable conversation thread, etc. It also lets you easily manage attachments and view emails in portrait/landscape format.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch)
  • Accounts: Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, IMAP
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: LightMail

18. Gmail


It’s the official Gmail app for your iOS device and works like magic. It supports multiple accounts, real-time notifications, full inbox search, auto-completion of names in contact list, attachments, profile pictures, etc. The reason for why I included Gmail in this list is that you will soon be able to add your other IMAP accounts as well to Gmail app.

  • Platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad), Android
  • Accounts: Gmail, Google Apps
  • Price: Free
  • iTunes: Gmail

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Other Mentions

  1. Mail+ for Outlook (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad — $5.99) — lets you securely access your Outlook Email and Calendar from your iOS devices.
  2. Mail+ (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad — $9.99) — Mail+ is a mail client to read and manage your emails and send emails with attachments to single contacts, to groups, to handpicked set of contacts or to distribution lists.
  3. Offline Mail (iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad — $3.99) — lets you download your entire email archive and then makes it searchable even when you’re offline.
  4. myMail (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad — Free) — brings all your email accounts into one simple interface.
  5. Sparrow (iPhone & iPod touch — $2.99) — was a nice email app but now it appears like Google discontinued further development of this app.
  6. Gusto (iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad — Free) — is yet another email app for iOS to create a unified inbox.
  7. Heed (iPhone & iPod touch — Free) — helps you prioritize emails.
  8. Mail 2 Group (iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad — Free) — lets you send group email. Also try, Mail+ (Premium), MailShot (Free).
  9. Kuriel (iPhone & iPod touch — Beta) —  is available only for email accounts hosted on Microsoft Exchange or Office 365.

BONUS: For Your Desktop

If you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Outlook…

For Mac OS X and Windows

For Mac OS X Only

For Windows Only

  • Mailbird (Freemium — one-time $45/$6 per year)

I have handpicked the above-mentioned email apps based on its popularity and my personal experience (though I haven’t tried all of them!).

There are definitely several other email apps for iOS that could’ve made this list much longer, but, my goal was to compile 25 of the best ones.

So, get these cool apps for your device; explore, try them out, and don’t forget to tell me which one you loved the most. And, if I missed out your favorite email app, then feel free to comment below and I will be happy to add it to the list.

Happy Emailing! :)

Image Credit: Flickr :: First Published: April 19, 2013; Last Updated: Tuesday, January 20, 2015

  • Aaron

    Where is Altamail in the list : A1? ; it supports more email clients incl Exchange EWS, more cloud servers and has fantastic email rules in addition to the flexible notifications and signatures and auto replies!

  • http://www.minterest.com Mahesh Mohan

    Hi Aaron,

    It looks good with good ratings. I’ll definitely add it on the next update.

    Thank you.

  • James

    Mahesh- you should check out Offline Mail for iPad and iPhone. Super quick search functionality, and also useful when you’re abroad, or have no internet connection as its all available for offline viewing…

    • http://www.minterest.org Mahesh Mohan

      Sure, thanks for that!

  • Gordon Mangione

    Mahesh, I’d encourage to checkout Tipbit. I’m biased because I’m the CEO of the company and used to run the Exchange business when we deploying Exchange throughout business world. Our app is free, supports IMAP and all versions of Exchange, integrates email, calendar and contacts, connects to our social networks to provide deeper insights about your contacts, provides instantaneous search of your entire server mailbox and allows you to quickly filter email on people, time or status of an email. As an added bonus we allow you publish emails to any application on your phone and automate tasks like setting up meetings. No ads, no spamming your contacts, no selling your data to 3rd parties. We’ll make our revenue in the future by selling first party products to businesses who want to connect their enterprise data to our application to improve the efficiency of their employees.

    • http://www.minterest.com Mahesh Mohan

      Hi Gordon,

      I appreciate that… I checked your iTunes page and I must say that your app definitely looks rich. You don’t have the iPad version, right?

      Anyways, I’ll feature your app here on the next update and will personally try it when I get a chance.

      Thank you.

      • Gordon Mangione

        We run on an iPad but don’t currently have an iPad optimized version of the app. coming soon.

        • http://www.minterest.com Mahesh Mohan

          Okay, no problem! I’ll feature the app on the next update. Thank you.

        • http://www.minterest.com Mahesh Mohan

          Hi Gordon,

          I republished this blog post and have listed your app as well.

          Cheers! :)

  • henriT

    You missed a few there. What about iMail Pro and Offline Mail. Thanks for the review.

    • http://www.minterest.com Mahesh Mohan

      Offline Mail is mentioned separately and I will consider the other one on the next update of this list.

  • F0zzy

    Although this is a pretty recent list one of the apps have changed names since being published. Acompli is no more, it’s now Outlook by Microsoft. I’m surprised you didn’t make mention of the upcoming change being this was announced Dec 1. For now it’s basically still the same great app, just different name.

    • http://www.minterest.com Mahesh Mohan


      Yes, I understand. In fact, the new Outlook is the best email app for iOS and is more useful than Mailbox app. Thanks to Calendar. I will soon update this list to include Outlook for iOS and I also want to review that app individually as it’s super-useful with a great interface.

      Thanks! :)

      • wp200

        The hospital I work for has already banned Outlook for iPhone because it stores log-in data on its (Microsoft’s) servers instead of locally on your phone.

        The only reason I tried it is because my hospital forces me to use Exchange, so not being able to use Outlook on Outlook for iPhone is kind of a deal breaker.

  • aaaaa

    hop does not allow IMAP. you sir are full of crap.

    • http://www.minterest.com Mahesh Mohan

      Sorry about that. I have corrected it just now.

  • David Behringer

    Don’t people realize that MOST email apps on apple store have a business model of data-mining for content? They store your personal info. They use the content of your data, attachments and documents harvesting for marketing. Nothing is free.

    They try to sugarcoat it but it is what it is. Spark email app, InboxCube , etc all access the content of your emails and data mine it+store your name email and its password, mailing address and Geolocation. (mind blown)
    Once you submit your personal info you can’t even revoke your consent in some cases.

    InboxCube: http://inboxcube.com/privacy/

    Spark: https://readdle.com/blog/2015/06/how-we-handle-your-account-information-in-spark/

    • http://www.minterest.com Mahesh Mohan

      Yes, but it’s not just the email apps on the Apple Store. Gmail, Outlook.com, etc. all scans our email. There could be few that takes privacy seriously but it won’t have as much features as Gmail or Outlook.com or even Yahoo Mail. So I believe it’s a matter of choice.