13 Digital Media Resources That You Don’t Want To Miss [July 18, 2014]

Friday the 13th

Minteresting Friday is a digital media mashup by Minterest that compiles the finest Blogging, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Tech, and Web 2.0 resources that you don’t want to miss.

My Picks – #Freelance

Blogging – #Tips

  • The Biggest Myth In Blogging: Why Content Is Not King @ Blog Tyrant
  • Here’s a Simple Strategy To Seduce Readers And Win Clients @ Copyblogger

Internet Marketing – #Content #SEO

  • 17 Insanely Actionable List Building Strategies @ Backlinko
  • 7 Marketing Lessons Learned From Acquiring A Startup @ Quick Sprout

Social Media – #SMM #Tips

  • Build Your Personal Brand & Why I Have Never Had To Look For A Job @ Quick Sprout
  • The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand @ LinkedIn

Tech – #News #Startup

  • My Startup Failed, And This Is What It Feels Like… @ Medium
  • Google Is About To Take Over Your Whole Life @ Fast Company

Web 2.0 – #Design #Tools

  • The Ultimate Guide To Font Pairing @ Canva
  • 6 Awesome Apps and Services Integrated With Todoist @ Todoist

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15 Blogs You Should Really Read If You Are A Freelance Writer


I love reading blogs that offers tips for freelancers (especially freelance writers). Primarily because these blogs publish awesome content on productivity, writing tips, and marketing tips too. So many interesting blog posts are there on these blogs, which might interest you as a writer or even as a marketer.

Do you want to become a better writer? Then start reading a lot. I mean a lot.

15 (+ Bonus 5) Must-Read Blogs For Freelance Writers

In this post, I have decided to feature some of the blogs that I care to read any time. These blogs lets ideas to flow. Infact, there is never a dull moment when you read any of them.

I’ve also included some blog posts from each blog, so that you can get started. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or an experienced writer. They have immense value.
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